Best of 2012: Poliça

Written By Guest Blogger Dana Kelly

To wrap up 2012, I’d say that Poliça’s “Give You The Ghost” is definitely one of the top ranking albums of the year.

      3. I See My Mother

      4. Lay Your Cards Out


Based in Minnesota, and produced by Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Poliça brings a mix of emotional vocals and amazing drum interludes. The sounds remind me of an early Zero 7, but infused with a bit of jazz/blues and experimental indie. Listening to the synthesized distorted vocals of front woman Channy Leaneagh adds to dreamlike direction of Poliça’s debut album. “Give You The Ghost” is dark and protected, as most songs reflect Leaneagh detangling herself from twisted and painful relationships. After seeing the band live this past fall, I was most impressed by the duel drummers and the energy they feed each other as they build the crowd. Leaneagh had less of a stage presence, as vocals and lyrics were more overpowering than her movements on stage – which for this band, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Closing out the year, Poliça is playing in the New Year’s Snowglobe Fest in Lake Tahoe, California, alongside with acts like Chromeo, Poolside, and St Lucia which should provide for a great show – despite the below freezing temperatures.

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Dana Kelly

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