Beautiful Re-branding of American Airlines [Project]


I just stumbled over this delightful re-branding project of American Airlines from graphic designer Anna Kovecses. She created a new experimental identity (for a Victors and Spoils project) aiming to help AA reinvent itself after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protect......

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  • Amy

    this is really great! love the colour palette. x

  • Diz

    it’s lovely, but it looks like a Wallpaper magazine spread circa 1990 ???

  • KD

    I love the aesthetic, but the “american airlines” in helvetica on a white plane looks too much like “american apparel.”

  • lydia


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  • Rian Boutilier

    Very graphic and super-stylized. Would be a great package for a smaller airline with something to say but would likely require way too great an investment and complete employee attitude and identity shift for an established mainline carrier.

  • Rian Boutilier

    Sharp and graphic, a great package and perfect for a smaller airline with something to say (like Canada’s Porter) but might require too much of an employee and customer perception and attitude adjustment and be too costly for an established mainline carrier.