Barbara Keal’s Animal Felt Hats

Barbara Keal 2

Artist Barbara Keal began making things out of felt when she became aware of a ” motley herd of almost wild looking sheep”  that graze on her local nature reserve, Malling Hill. She found sanity and vitality visiting them, they allowed her to rise up and out of the ......

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  • sheepygirl

    awesome and inspiring

  • sheilamarie

    When my mother told me how amazing her work was~I was definately unprepared for such BREATH-TAKING Artwork & Talent I was about to feast my eyes upon!!!
    I Love Your Gift~
    Many Blessings to you as you continue on your incredible journey in this Beautiful world that “we” are gifted to play in!!!


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  • grace n freya

    We’ve been looking at felt hats today and feeling really jaded but when we came across your stunning work we felt really excited by what you’ve done because it’s breathtakingly beautiful, magical and original. The photos are great and we just want to wear any of them and put them on all my friends.Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent. Keep up the high standard.