South Florida based artist, Rolando Robinson, is an existential talent and an ambitious creative individual. As a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and fashion enthusiast, Rolando is spreading all his joyous art throughout the world one sparkle at a time.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira: One

Portuguese- American singer- songwriter and actress, Sky Ferreira, never really caught my interest until I heard…

Miami Horror Illumination

Miami Horror: Echoplex

Being part of the elite music world, and the creme de la creme of sound, the deliciously formed electro- pop act…

Chad Valley

Chad Valley: Ensoniq Funk

United Kingdom’s Chad Valley is an upcoming group with sounds compared to Washed out, Neon Indian, and Million…


Little Dragon: A New

Swedish- Japanese singer, and heavy hitter Yukimi Nagano, takes the lead role as the deliciously sounding lead…