Laura González Palacios

Journalist and publisher based a little bit everywhere, but always loving to come back to Spain. I like this and that. I make lists and jewelry. Can't help daydreaming. Fan of nap and good food.

mel kadel-drawings-05

Mel Kadel’s Drawings

Mel Kadel uses the technique called “drawing with an eyelash” on her floral, dropped and striped patterns and the pec…

bill brown-the camera collection-06

The Camera Collection

Bill Brown, designer and artist living in Western Massachusetts, made 100 different models of pixelated camera illust…

Heinz Maier’s Water Drops-4

Heinz Maier’s Water Drops

Heinz Maier is an amateur who started taking pictures at the end of 2010. Fascinated by the art and technique, he say…