Alexander Tzenkov

Music editor/creative producer by day, DJ/artist by night, Alexander is relentless in his dedication to satisfying his multi-faceted musical skill set and appetite for sound. Formerly serving as music supervisor at G.E.M.S., where he was instrumental in finding the perfect soundtrack for brands including Target, Jordan, ESPN, Cadillac, Nespresso, and more, as well as coming from a background in music composition, A&R and artist management, he channels his refined taste and repertoire into TrendLand music's platform and drives to develop new mediums of sharing & collaborating through music.

Crave new art

La+ch : Crave [Premiere]

As producer and multi-instrumentalist La+ch gears up for the release of his debut album on March 31st, he hits us…


T.O.L.D. : Heaven [EP]

LA based IAMSOUND, the label responsible for the debut releases of Florence and The Machine, Banks, and Charli XCX…


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Visuals 3

TL Talks With Visuals

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Xinobi : 1975

Portuguese producer Bruno Cardoso, aka Xinobi, has released his much anticipated debut album “1975? via…

elder brook simmerdown

Elderbrook : Could

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