Atelier Max Lipsey Furniture

Max Lipsey’s playful take on industrial design makes for vibrant objects that combine sturdiness with friendliness. Atelier Lipsey is the workshop of the American-born, Netherland-based designer Max Lipsey. His limited-edition furniture carries a warmth factor often missing from industrially designed objects. Lipsey’s intuitive approach means he experiments with materials and their interaction, often allowing for the design to unveil itself in the process. Perhaps his most notable efforts belong to the Acciacio  (“steel” in Italian) series stage 1&2 which was developed in collaboration with Matter. The brilliant pieces in this series are made from lightweight steel tubing borrowed from bicycle-frames and inspired by the elegant shapes of the classic racing-bike frame. The bike geometry is applicable to a host of functional forms, creating sleekly proportioned armchairs, cabinets, chairs and lamps. Add in a beautiful palette of colours and you get highly covetable objects that can liven up any living or work space.

Check out Atelier Max Lipsey’s other works here. 

Acciacio Atelier Max Lipsey Furniture Bicycle industrial design Playful
Tal Drori

Location: London // How many hours a day are you on the web? 5
Last cool project you worked on: Co-produced an independent short film currently in post production.
Coolest person you know personally: Most of the time I think its my bf
Best place to eat in your neighborhood:
Top 3 Places: The roof terrace in the Reina Sofia Museum - Madrid, Gordon Beach - Tel Aviv, and home.
Next destination: New York
Generation favorite: Superfoods

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