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Studio Bertjan Pot Gorgeous Masks

Bertjan Pot is a designer, notably known for having made the Random Light in 1999. His research is based on light as a starting point.


Artist Johny Surf Blends Surf & Art on Driftwood

Portuguese artist, Johny Vieira blends Surf and Art, feelings and memories, made with two main components: driftwood and regular gypsum. A wave that becomes a harmonical sculpture, where the nature and human…


Axel Brechensbauer Totem Sculptures

How wonderful are these geometric Totems sculptures by Barcelona based artist Axel Brechensbauer. They remind me a little bit of a life-size chess set. Love them!


Kendal Murray Miniature Worlds

Through the workings of memory, toys have power as evocative symbols of time past. Australian artist Kendal Murray’s artworks are based on the experience of play, dream like scenarios to represent memory,…


Peter Alexander’s Resin Sculptures

Prominent Los Angeles-born artist Peter Alexander, most well-known for his sleek resin sculptures, has a body of work that spans several decades and represents some innovative work with light, space, color, and…