Hanging Tree Sculptures by Jorge Mayet

Cuban expatriate artist living and working in Mallorca, Spain, Jorge Mayet recreates with beautiful precision trees and root structures u…


The Curious World Of Axel Creations

The son of two architects, Swedish artist Axel Brechensbauer, known as Axel, grew up in a neighborhood full of studious kids and a triang…


Stunning Metamorphosis Aquariums

Kiva Ford’s passion with glass began early in life, and was anchored with his college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. Through ye…


Precious Woodworks by Ariele Alasko

The Brooklyn-based woodworker makes strikingly beautiful tabletop items that are almost too precious to use. Ariele Alasko is a full-time…


Materiality Has No Limits

The multi-disciplinary design studio, Amoia Studio is casting and sculpting organic materials into conceptual and sculptural furniture.