Staskauskas’ Jewelry Collection
Benas Staskauskas is a Lithuanian born artist who has created a wonderful handmade jewelry collection one-of-a-kind pieces.


Eric Cahan’s Light Sculptures
A fascination of light and form underpins the sculptural portfolio of New York based artist Eric Cahan.


Reflecting Limber Gems
In the world of Pleunie Buynik, stones are flexible, liquid-looking and obedient to the creative owner.


Melodic Chimes
Dylan Davis and Jean Lee of Seattle based Ladies & Gentleman Studio explore shape and sound with the creation of their Melodic Chimes. Put into motion by


Anatomy of a Totem
Lorenzo Vitturi’s vibrant still lifes capture the threatened spirit of Dalston’s Ridley Road Market.


Liquid Simulation
This series of portfolio images originates from a project Recom Farmhouse did together with artist Tom Price, who asked them to do some liquid simulations for him. We ended up with some really beautiful shapes of liquid matter, which I thought to show in a different context than it was originally thought for.


Typographic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nezet
Fabrice Le Nezet’s work explores the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Toys Design through the use of raw material such as concrete and metal. Recognizable in his work is the pure, clean and graphical aesthetic combined with playful qualities.


Recycled Paper Insects
Check out this intricate series of insects made for IGEPA Benelux, using and recycled paper. For some more insight into all the work it took to bring these creatures to life watch the video below.


Christopher Schulz’s Shark Guns Sculptures
Not that we are promoting Guns at all, (we are only for peace and Art), we love this project by Los Angeles artist Christopher Schulz who decided to combine all sorts of guns with sharks. Called like