Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Works
Copenhagen-born Jeppe Hein works out of Berlin, where he creates minimalist conceptual artworks with an interactive bent.


Tom Hancocks’ Fluid Art
New York based visual artist Tom Hancocks works in a clean, fluid style. Whether in the physical or digital world, he uses white backgrounds to highlight elements that fold, drape ...


Joana Vasconcelos’ Bestiary
Written by Mateus Andrade Celebrated Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos showcases the beauty of handicraft techniques from her home country in the Bestiary series.


Plaster Of Parts
London College of Fashion graduate Daniel Ramos Obregón puts his masters in Fashion Artefact to good use. The Colombian designer and artist created Outrospection, The Body and Mind, a collection of hand crafted porcelain body parts


Parisian Interior Artist Mathias Kiss
French-Hungarian Interior artist Mathias Kiss is the type of guys who paints tromp l’oeil skies on Catherine Deneuve’s and Parisian palaces ceilings, who does interior design for


Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces
The Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery to make new ceramic creations, using a resin mixed with silver or gold and the result is often something more beautiful than the original.


In the Name of Color and Shape
Design Academy Eindhoven grad Denise Gons is taken with color—as a product of natural light and also its further manipulation into various shapes and functional objects.


Foraging for Raw Materials
Born in New York in 1987, Sculptor David Alexander Flinn works out of a studio in Greenport, Long Island. From there, the School of Visual Arts and Scuola Internazionale Grafica alum often treks to a nearby beach to forage driftwood and stone


Twisted Tricycles
Dallas, Texas artist Sergio Garcia presented Infinite Chapters at White Walls gallery in San Francisco. The show centered around these twisted tricycles in plastic, metal and auto body paint. The gleaming wheels displayed alongside other plays on distortion, including some child and adult fiberglass sculptures with hands