Ai Kitahara: When The Place is Moving
Aï Kitahara grounds her work and research on the notions of borders and limits.


Tectonic Acts of Doubt by Jose Dávila
Mexican Artist Jose Dávila addresses the question about the limits of instrumental values through the use of common materials to […]


Seven Fictive Dining Ceremonies
Seven Fictive Dining Ceremonies is a cutlery set designed specifically for the exhibit Slow City Maastricht during Milan Design Week.


Re-thinking the Potted Epiphytes
Dossofiorito a Verona based design collaboration founded by Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo work to achieve a more comprehensive approach to […]


Folded Plywood
The subjects of Harry Roseman’s work are the bend of a curve, the conjunction of edges, the turn of a […]


Dustin Yellin Psychogeographies @ New York City Ballet
One of my favorite artist of the moment, Dustin Yellin is having an amazing exhibition at the New York City […]


Visual Puns by Toni Spyra
Austrian based, German artist Toni Spyra gives the viewer a thought-provoking impulse through his modified objects.


Pettersen & Hein Ethical Aesthetics
This collaboration between Danish furniture designer Lea Hein and Norwegian artist Magnus Pettersen challenges the fine line between art and […]


Shane Bradford’s ‘Dipping’ Artwork
Shane Bradford is best known for his “dipping method,” in which he immerses various objects, most notably books, household products, […]