8-Bit Inspired Paintings

Inspired by 8-bit graphics in vintage computer games, Adam Lister paints iconic images from art history and pop culture. The Beacon-based…


Prints to Die For

I just came across this amazing resource of prints that would amazing for any textile company or designer to reference from or reach out …

painted-food-Hikaru Cho-1

Painted Food Illusions

  Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho takes everyday objects and rethinks their identity. In this series,  titled “It’s not what it seems”…


Lucio Fontana’s Art

Lucio Fontana is one of the most controversial contemporary artist, that together with Marcel Duchamp and Piero Manzoni broke definitivel…

Amy Judd Paintings_02

Amy Judd’s Paintings

Amy Judd, a London based artist, takes her inspiration from the enchanting, imaginative relationship between women and animals found in t…

when now is minimal 2

When Now Is Minimal

Alan Charlton, Untitled, 1973, Photo by Phili Schönborn It takes a really good artist to say a lot with a little.