Paintings by Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison is a young Australian talent who I have noticed a bit in recent months.


Gary Petersen Painting

Bold, with a touch of eccentricism – Gary Petersen’s paintings are a treat for anyone looking to see geometric abstracted pai…


Pop Icon Paintings By White Rabbit

White Rabbit’s Pop icon paintings reimagine all you favorite heroes from Star Wars, TMNT, Marvel Comics, and others, in classical p…


Liu Wei at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

“Liu Wei is one of the most original and inventive contemporary artists working in China today,” exclaimed Jennifer Joy, Comm…


Pedro Campos Photorealistic Painting

Written by Guest Blogger Harmony Difo “Is this real? Or am I imagining things. Those strawberries must be real, they look too perfe…

tilt all you can eat 14

TILT’S “All You Can Eat”

Two phrases pop out at me from the press release are “All You Can Eat” (the title of the exhibit) and “throw up” …