Lucio Fontana’s Art

Lucio Fontana is one of the most controversial contemporary artist, that together with Marcel Duchamp and Piero Manzoni broke definitivel…

Amy Judd Paintings_02

Amy Judd’s Paintings

Amy Judd, a London based artist, takes her inspiration from the enchanting, imaginative relationship between women and animals found in t…

when now is minimal 2

When Now Is Minimal

Alan Charlton, Untitled, 1973, Photo by Phili Schönborn It takes a really good artist to say a lot with a little.


Wyatt Kahn Paintings

Every day we strive for poignancy in simplicity – something echoed by New York based artist Wyatt Kahn in his series of paintings o…


Latest From Till Rabus

It’s been a few years since we last features surrealist/photorealistic Swiss painter Till Rabus.

Richard Woods Artist18

Richard Woods: Logos of Reality

Artist Richard Woods has a D.I.Y sensibility, in fact his new show at Alan Cristea Gallery in London is called just that. D.I.Y. We have …


James Rieck Painting

For perfect pint sized bites of Americana, enjoy these paintings by James Rieck.


Aga Baranska’s Fashion Paintings

Based between London and Berlin, Aga Baranska recently stole my attention with her use of chunky, textured paint patterns, elements of co…


Miwa Ogasawara’s Ethereal Paintings

Miwa Ogasawara’s work is like a bottomless lake of secrets and, with every painting, she encourages us to venture  deeper and deeper into…


Paintings by Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison is a young Australian talent who I have noticed a bit in recent months.


Gary Petersen Painting

Bold, with a touch of eccentricism – Gary Petersen’s paintings are a treat for anyone looking to see geometric abstracted pai…


Pop Icon Paintings By White Rabbit

White Rabbit’s Pop icon paintings reimagine all you favorite heroes from Star Wars, TMNT, Marvel Comics, and others, in classical p…


Liu Wei at Lehmann Maupin Gallery

“Liu Wei is one of the most original and inventive contemporary artists working in China today,” exclaimed Jennifer Joy, Comm…


Pedro Campos Photorealistic Painting

Written by Guest Blogger Harmony Difo “Is this real? Or am I imagining things. Those strawberries must be real, they look too perfe…

tilt all you can eat 14

TILT’S “All You Can Eat”

Two phrases pop out at me from the press release are “All You Can Eat” (the title of the exhibit) and “throw up” …

Lego bridge 2

Megx: Lego The Drab City

Lego bridge in Germany is an instance where quirky ideas like applying primary colours to a concrete bridge can facilitate happiness in a…

melanie pankau 1

Melanie Pankau’s Acrylic Paintings

Looking at art has always been a good way to set life aside for a little while; relax, get lost, and just clear the mind. Melanie Pankau&…


Eckart Hahn’s Paintings

At first glance, Eckart Hahn’s paintings appear to have a 3-dimensional quality to them. His brushstrokes illustrate melting plasti…