Linda Linko’s Handmade Collages

Helsinki-based, independent designer Linda Linko aims to narrow the gap between illustration, design and art in her completely handmade…


Frances Hogg’s Paintings

With a minimalist, child-like innocence UK-based artist Frances Hogg creates visually arresting collages, drawings, prints and abstract…


Not Just Letters

Amy Woodside’s work says one should not take letters for granted.


Rob Sato’s Curses Exhibition

Curses collects Rob Sato‘s latest adventures on paper, including his massive project Five Movements For Little Guys, a series of…


Anna Halldin Maule New Paintings

It is not the first time we wrote about Swedish painter Anna Halldin Maule, she since then introduced a few more of her (sexy)


Moki Mioke’s Mossy Universe

Immerse yourself in the lush landscape fantasies of Japanese painter Moki Mioke to satisfy your need for nature in this urban jungle. In…


Turi Simeti’s Contoured Canvases

Italian painter Turi Simeti enthralls us with his mastery of color and silhouette. A maestro of the Zero art movement of the sixties, he…