Giosetta Fioroni’s Beautiful Hand-Rendered Artwork
Sometimes as human beings we need to remember, then return, to what is truly important. With art, I feel that this sentiment is equally valid. Italian-born Giosetta Fioroni, an artist’s artist, and ...


Paintings by Kirra Jamison
Kirra Jamison is a young Australian talent who I have noticed a bit in recent months.


Gary Petersen Painting
Bold, with a touch of eccentricism – Gary Petersen’s paintings are a treat for anyone looking to see geometric abstracted painting with a humanistic touch.


Picasso Paintings As Fashion by Eugenio Recuenco
Eugenio Recuenco is wonderful at creating a scene, determining a stranger(‘s) point of view, telling us just enough of a story for us to want more.


Liu Wei at Lehmann Maupin Gallery
“Liu Wei is one of the most original and inventive contemporary artists working in China today,” exclaimed Jennifer Joy, Communications Director for Lehmann Maupin gallery earlier today.


Wilhelm Sasnal’s Contemporary Paintings
After the acclaimed solo show last year at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, Wilhelm Sasnal has now opened his new exhibition in New York, at the Anton Kern Gallery.


Pedro Campos Photorealistic Painting
Written by Guest Blogger Harmony Difo “Is this real? Or am I imagining things. Those strawberries must be real, they look too perfect and delicious not to eat!” These are the types of dreamy, irrational thoughts that floated across my mind as I stared longingly at the work of Pedro Campos,


Pop Icon Paintings By White Rabbit
White Rabbit’s Pop icon paintings reimagine all you favorite heroes from Star Wars, TMNT, Marvel Comics, and others, in classical portrait style.


Margot Bowman for Rupert Sanderson S/S 2013
For reasons unknown to me, in many parts of the world fashion isn’t considered an art form, but solely a money making industry.