Ramsey Dau’s Photorealism

Los Angeles native Ramsey Dau makes work that he’s drawn to make. Sounds cryptic, but it’s quite simple, as we are all subconsciously pro…


Matthew Stone’s Digital Paintings

Artist and shaman Matthew Stone is a multi-faceted provocateur. He specializes in digital paintings using 3d modeling softwares. Stone ha…


Messages Behind the Glossy Images

Stefania Fersini’s paintings offer meditations on representations of women in fashion magazines and the linchpin consumerist node of appe…


Mingling the Bold and the Abstract

Chicago-based illustrator and painter Kate Pugsley is an expert at mingling bold hues, abstract forms, and heart-warming moments.


Sara Bright’s Contemporary Frescoes

Much of Sarah Bright’s work is done in gouache and water media on paper. In an attempt to achieve a similar matte and absorbent qua…