Prints to Die For
I just came across this amazing resource of prints that would amazing for any textile company or designer to reference from or reach out to license. Unfortunately my Japanese lessons ...


Painted Food Illusions
  Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho takes everyday objects and rethinks their identity. In this series,  titled “It’s not what it seems” she transforms one food into another with the power of a paintbrush. ...


Photorealistic Paintings of Wrapped Parcels
Certainly I am not the first to see these wrapped parcel works and automatically credit Christo and Jeanne-Claude, but its only when you look very closely that you find out these are not sculptures but photorealistic paintings.


Lucio Fontana’s Art
Lucio Fontana is one of the most controversial contemporary artist, that together with Marcel Duchamp and Piero Manzoni broke definitively all the art rules, just like all the greatest


Petri Dish Paintings by Klari Reis
Klari Reis’s Petri Dish painting series will take you into a color coma.


Amy Judd’s Paintings
Amy Judd, a London based artist, takes her inspiration from the enchanting, imaginative relationship between women and animals found in traditional mythologies and stories from around the world.


When Now Is Minimal
Alan Charlton, Untitled, 1973, Photo by Phili Schönborn It takes a really good artist to say a lot with a little.


Los Carpinteros Geometric Sculpture Watercolors
The Cuban collective of several young artists, Los Carpinteros, recently created a series of watercolor paintings of large-scale, geometric glass sculptures resembling naturally faceted crystals.


Wyatt Kahn Paintings
Every day we strive for poignancy in simplicity – something echoed by New York based artist Wyatt Kahn in his series of paintings on canvas.