Richard Swarbrick’s Amazing World Cup 2014 Animation
I Just stumbled on this AMAZING animated film by British artist Richard Swarbrick. The video below is showing Germany’s victory […]


Turi Simeti’s Contoured Canvases
Italian painter Turi Simeti enthralls us with his mastery of color and silhouette. A maestro of the Zero art movement […]


Julien Colombier’s Le Printemps
Parisian painter Julien Colombier is no stranger to skate parks and graffitied walls. But this time around, he “bombed” the […]


Marie Hagerty’s Sensuous Shapes
In the mid-eighties, Sydney-reared Marie Hagerty moved to study at the Canberra Institute of the Arts. Since then, she has […]


Richard Roth’s Three Dimensional Abstraction
Richard Roth‘s unique abstract paintings are deceptively minimal.After a hiatus from painting, Roth returned to the medium and began working


8-Bit Inspired Paintings
Inspired by 8-bit graphics in vintage computer games, Adam Lister paints iconic images from art history and pop culture. The […]


Prints to Die For
I just came across this amazing resource of prints that would amazing for any textile company or designer to reference […]


Owvbics ‘s Trading Art Cards
Three years ago, owvBICS aka Charles Shedden started recycling scraps from his brother’s wood shop in Brooklyn and taking the […]


Painted Food Illusions
  Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho takes everyday objects and rethinks their identity. In this series,  titled “It’s not what it seems” she transforms […]