Lisa Segal Contemporary Paintings

Brooklyn-based artist Lisa Sigal works across mediums, combining elements of painting, sculpture, and architectural materials.


Planet Without a Body

Planet Without a Body by Jess Fuller is a series of paintings that unite color and texture to explore the limits of paint on…


Activated Space by Zin Helena Song

CES Gallery in Los Angeles presents Activated Space, a solo exhibition of meticulous, hard-edge works by Zin Helena Song.


Gary Stephan: Paradoxical Views

Gary Stephan‘s acrylic paintings range from irregular, sensitive brushstrokes to very austere, geometric shapes.


Paul Davies’ Layered Landscapes

The focus of Paul Davies’ work is the relationship between the built and natural environments. Davies’ paintings depict homes set in…


Linda Linko’s Handmade Collages

Helsinki-based, independent designer Linda Linko aims to narrow the gap between illustration, design and art in her completely handmade…


Frances Hogg’s Paintings

With a minimalist, child-like innocence UK-based artist Frances Hogg creates visually arresting collages, drawings, prints and abstract…