Mural Painting Inspired by Torn Posters

Inspired by torn posters covering New York streets and subways, Aaron Robbs and Alex Proba’s mural artwork is also a beautiful reference …

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Seonna Hong’s Paintings

The paintings of Seonna Hong depict small human figures amidst grand natural landscapes.


Casey Gray Modern Still Lifes

Casey Gray is an artist interested in the ways human eye deals with our culture’s visual overload. His hyper-realistic paintings are stil…


Female Murals By Hula

Sean Yoro is a self-taught street artist who grew up on the eastside of Oahu, Hawaii. Currently based in New York, Hula seeks for unconve…


Food in Watercolour by Yum Tang

Beijing-based artist Yum Tang turns food craving into a poetic desire with a series of watercolors. From cherry tomatoes to ginger, small…


Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured

The David Richard Gallery is presenting “Color: Stained, Brushed and Poured” bringing together several artists whose enquiries into color…


Ian Fisher Paints Clouds to Perfection

Not long ago we reviewed the cloud paintings of Brooklyn Whelan, today it’s the voluminous and majestic cumulous clouds of Ian Fish…


Erik Jones Pop Art Girls

Erik Jones was born in Florida 1982 and currently based out of Brooklyn New York. His work focuses on pop culture using vibrant colors. E…


Paco Pomet Surreal Paintings

Similar to vintage black and white photographs, the Spanish painter Paco Pomet paints hybrid landscapes and old-fashioned scenes with alw…


Classic Paintings with Modern Makeover

What would the world’s most iconic paintings look like if they were painted in the 21st century? Think Mona Lisa sipping a Coca-Col…


Daniel Rich Architectural Paintings

Brooklyn based German painter Daniel Rich translates photography’s of urban cities into detailed acrylic paintings of the cities landscap…


Joël Penkman Loves to Paint Food

New Zealand artist Joël Penkman loves food and paintings, so when she combines the two, the result is quite amazing.