Richard Swarbrick’s Amazing World Cup 2014 Animation
I Just stumbled on this AMAZING animated film by British artist Richard Swarbrick. The video below is showing Germany’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup Final and the magnificent ...


Turi Simeti’s Contoured Canvases
Italian painter Turi Simeti enthralls us with his mastery of color and silhouette. A maestro of the Zero art movement of the sixties, he renders repeating ovals that seem to ...


Julien Colombier’s Le Printemps
Parisian painter Julien Colombier is no stranger to skate parks and graffitied walls. But this time around, he “bombed” the La Printemps department store in bourgeois Haussmann.


Marie Hagerty’s Sensuous Shapes
In the mid-eighties, Sydney-reared Marie Hagerty moved to study at the Canberra Institute of the Arts. Since then, she has turned out prolific work, touching on the themes of the human form, femininity and eroticism.


Richard Roth’s Three Dimensional Abstraction
Richard Roth‘s unique abstract paintings are deceptively minimal.After a hiatus from painting, Roth returned to the medium and began working


8-Bit Inspired Paintings
Inspired by 8-bit graphics in vintage computer games, Adam Lister paints iconic images from art history and pop culture. The Beacon-based New York artist has riffed on everything from Seurat to Star Wars. For a small price ($40 – $200), you can buy the prints


Prints to Die For
I just came across this amazing resource of prints that would amazing for any textile company or designer to reference from or reach out to license. Unfortunately my Japanese lessons are not excelling as quickly as possible and I can not fully transcribe the information about that.


Owvbics ‘s Trading Art Cards
Three years ago, owvBICS aka Charles Shedden started recycling scraps from his brother’s wood shop in Brooklyn and taking the house paint his neighbors seemed to


Painted Food Illusions
  Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho takes everyday objects and rethinks their identity. In this series,  titled “It’s not what it seems” she transforms one food into another with the power of a paintbrush. These meticulous works are disturbingly believable.