Pop Pop Bang Bang Project
Creative project Pop Pop Bang Bang doesn’t only look amazing, it also sounded like a lot of fun to do. A collaboration between photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns, the former describes it as a mix of “film, photography, and pyro”.   Together, the


Juan Ford: Simple Intervention Paintings
Melbourne-based artist Juan Ford‘s recent painting series “Simple Intervention” depicts eucalyptus and gum tree branches as a visual response to the relationship of environment and society, in this case as uncomfortable and uncooperative. Australian flora and packaging tape, paint and misc. everyday discarded junk end up in a


Krisztianna’s Muertita Series
Krisztianna‘s write up comes off simply enough: “My name is Krisztianna, and I like to make art and stuff.” She describes her works as “Prints, Originals, and Kraftings”. These works, though, are much more intricate than they sound. Her


Martynka Wawrzyniak: Smell Me
One person’s trash is another’s treasure surely applies to art, what one might think is daring and innovative may seem trivial and sensationalist to another.  When I saw this show at Envoy Enterprises by Martynka Wawrzyniak certainly challenged me to dig deep and think about what she is trying to convey and why.   Polish born Wawrzyniak is […]


Grace Coddington’s Fashion Illustrations
Written by Guest Blogger Emily Miller   Grace Coddington is the inspirational backbone at Vogue.  Former model turned editorial styling genius, her new book of memoirs, Grace, launches in November and reveals one of her hidden talents, sketching.  From the front row to her adoration for felines, Grace’s whimsical cartoons leave readers enlightened.  Her drawings […]