Daehyun Kim’s Drawings
As we enter the era of GIFs, vectors, and videos, it’s nice to know there are artists out there who still know how to work with the more “traditional” tools.

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Clark Goolsby’s Mixed Media Work
Collages composed with neon, geometric and surrealistic pieces can describe Clark Goolsby’s mixed media works.


The Jokers Wild: Magda Laguinge for Vogue UK April 2012
For one of the finer mixed media fashion editorials we have seen to date, fresh face Magda Laguinge does her best “Jokers Wild” for Vogue UK this past April 2012. 


Jennifer Madden’s Illustration Series
We found this series from designer Jennifer Madden and had to share it with you guys. Madden is a graphic designer at Abercrombie & Fitch but she injects her personal work with playfulness and femininity. A look through her portfolio features some cool branding and graphic design, and we love that her skills include a […]


Nicolas Feldmeyer’s Wrapped Portico
Swiss architect/artist Nicolas Feldmeyer reimagines historic buildings by creating ephemeral installations which work and play with the details of the structure; a superb example of which is his wrapped portico seen here at the University College London earlier this year.