Studio Sander Wassink
Sander Wassink is an artist and designer who encourages us to reconsider our ideas of beauty and aesthetic value. How can we reconsider what is important and what is desirable to include notions of history, memory and the preservation of a past which is slipping away. Amid new construction, new production, and constant proliferation of […]


Industrial Designer Icon Creates Sumptuous Paper Sculptures
A wonderful interview from Herman Miller‘s Why Design series on Industrial Designer icon Irving Harper explains his passion for paper sculpting to relieve his stress… As design director for the Nelson Office, Irving Harper was responsible for some of the most compelling and iconic designs of the twentieth century—-from the Marshmallow sofa, to the


Ignasi Monreal Couture Illustrations for V Magazine Spain
Ignasi Monreal has illustrated the F/W 2012 Haute Couture Collections for V Magazine Spain.  Showing looks by Armani Privé, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior and others, they are extremely beautiful and vibrant; I love the marigold yellow.


Francesca Lowe’s Book-Cuts & Tree-Cuts
Wow! I just discovered the awesome work of British artist Francesca Lowe and her amazing series of Book-Cuts & Tree-Cuts that she created by meticulously cutting into a complete, already-published book, the tree-cuts explore ideas of personal geography and self-improvement by returning the book to its original form – that of the tree itself.


Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi’s Julián
As a photographer, Alejandro Maestre Gasteazi‘s expertise lies in the realm of lighting and digital post-production. These two skills are flexed to the utmost in the latest portrait series of his good friend Julián. Beautifully sculptural and built up like a