Disney’s Goes Fashion with Barneys ‘Electric Holiday’
For Christmas, Barney’s New York collaborated with Disney to create this fun and witty video mixing the fashion world with the Disney world. This great 5min video has already had some complaints by people saying that it’s unacceptable to make Minnie skinny blahblah… Watch as Minnie embarks on a


Spiros Halaris Aesop Inspired Illustrations
As an admirer of Aesop products, their aesthetic and meticulous attention to design detail, Trendland illustrator friend Spiros Halaris created a series of illustrations featuring their


Rosanna Webster for Stamp Magazine
London-based artist/photographer and recent Brighton University graduate, Rosanna Webster, is off to a dashing start with collaborations for Vogue Paris on a visual diary, AnOther, and this stunning illustrated editorial for Stamp Magazine. Desert botanical and


Pop Pop Bang Bang Project
Creative project Pop Pop Bang Bang doesn’t only look amazing, it also sounded like a lot of fun to do. A collaboration between photographer Thomas Brown and creative director Anna Burns, the former describes it as a mix of “film, photography, and pyro”.   Together, the


Juan Ford: Simple Intervention Paintings
Melbourne-based artist Juan Ford‘s┬árecent┬ápainting series “Simple Intervention” depicts eucalyptus and gum tree branches as a visual response to the relationship of environment and society, in this case as uncomfortable and uncooperative. Australian flora and packaging tape, paint and misc. everyday discarded junk end up in a