Diego Gravinese’s Paintings
At first glance a photograph, on second glance a hyper real painting.


Felix Schramm’s Installations
German installation artist Felix Schramm’s point of view is one of total demolition, destruction, deconstruction and reorganization.


Below the Boat Birch Maps
These gorgeously laser cut maps, made by Below The Boat, exude a kind of craftsmanship that is declining.


DAVID BOWIE: Where Are We Now?
After ten years of near silence and discretion, David Bowie, on the day of his 66th birthday (08/01/2013), announces the coming of his 30th (!!) studio album by releasing its first hors d’oeuvre entitled “Where Are We Now?”.


A Parrot Made from Hermès Leather
French mixed media artist duo Zim & Zou created this “Leather Parrot” made of Hermès leather scraps. The piece was created for