When Brush meets Patterns by John Westmark
John Westmark is a painter interested in the metaphorical potential of unorthodox materials. The primary material used in his current work is store-bought, paper, sewing patterns, applied directly to the canvas. The patterns are reinterpreted outside of their usual functional context as garment templates to


Rinat Shingareev’s Pop Icon Paintings
Rinat Shingareev, self proclaimed “Best Artist Alive,” always knew that being an artist was his destined fate.


Wies Preijde’s Thread Installations
Absolutely spellbinding, and innovative, Wies Preijde has create a new wall for home or office in her installations called Tegendraads. 


Diego Gravinese’s Paintings
At first glance a photograph, on second glance a hyper real painting.


Felix Schramm’s Installations
German installation artist Felix Schramm’s point of view is one of total demolition, destruction, deconstruction and reorganization.