Someone Else’s Life by Nathaniel Goldberg for Purple
Dutch beauty Milou van Groesen plays in “Someone Else’s Life” for the Spring 2012 issue of Purple Fashion shot by Nathaniel Goldberg, styled by Naomi Itkes.  You may recognize the large installations by Carsten Höller, on view earlier this year in a record breaking show at the New Museum.


Orestis Lazouras’ Mixed Media Fashion Illustrations
When fashion and illustrations join forces, it’s a joy that’s indescribable, really. Our latest discovery, Greek-Cypriot illustrator Orestis Lazouras, has a great psychedelic point of view on fashion.


David DiMichele’s Installations
There is something so unsettling about these installations from artist David DiMichele.  Working on a gigantic scale, these tremendous installations overwhelm the viewer, with a sense of being trapped in the wreckage after an earthquake, where objects can become aggressively suggestive of violence.


Desire Obtain Cherish’s Designer Drugs
LA-based artist Desire Obtain Cherish emergence as a street artist in the 2000s, DOC has blended the concerns and methods of street, pop, conceptual and appropriation art with popular culture to create his own unique satirical message. His work, though often controversial, is always engaging, and explores contemporary obsessions with


Tomas M.’s Strokes
A simple stroke – sculptural forms, packed with color, in a hue to make your eyes pop. This is the kind of fashion illustration we like. Tomas Markevicius is a graphic / motion designer based in Lithuania.