Cityabyss Fashion Illustration
What do you guys think of this kind of fashion illustration?  Cityabyss (Polish illustrator Beata Szczecinska) sent us a sampling of her work, which has been featured in the Elle Decor UK, Muse Magazine, and others. 


JR: Larger Than Life
Guerilla street artist JR is one of those artists whose work speaks not only to the privileged few who can afford million dollar paintings but to the masses that it documents.


Stunning Geometric Collages From Old Sliced Photographs
For most, the best part about found objects is the search. For artist Randy Grskovic, it’s what comes after he finds the object.


Amazing Photorealistic Paintings by Nathan Walsh
By now you should know that we have a weakness for Photorealistic painters, and when we find a new one, we feel oblige to introduce it to you (especially when he paints our favorite city). Here is the amazing work British painter Nathan Walsh. His style is

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Antony Gormley: Model
Antony Gormley‘s Model at London’s White Cube pushes the potential of gallery space to its limits in an investigation of the relationship between the body and architecture.