Yvette Yang’s Fashion Font
Designer Yvette Yang has kept her eyes on the runway for years, but not for the reasons you’d expect. The Korean-born, Paris-based artist has been creating a series of Fashion Fonts for six years now,

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Berndnaut Smilde’s Cloud Installations
Berndnaut Smilde could be described as many things, but the most fitting perhaps is his title as cloud artist.


Exhibitions & Openings for the Week of April 18
This week in Art Weekly we have two major European art fairs in Germany and Belgium in our line-up, as well as two special openings in Washington, DC and NYC respectively.

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Stephanie Casper’s Knit Meat
Stephanie Casper is the creator of these tightly knit and vacuum sealed meats and fish.


Future Archaeology by Nucleo Studio
Studio Nucleo, a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy, partners with Gabrielle Ammann Gallery to bring this collection titled “Future Archaeology. In this collection each of the pieces are referred to as “Wood Fossils”. The fossilization process evolving, dissolving, leaving an object half fossil half materialized. A game […]