Pachamama by Cristobal Ramirez
Pachamama is a project by Chilean Art Director Cristobal Ramirez. These gorgeous illustrations are his own interpretation of (for the most part) Latin America chief & warrior ancestors. Be sure to


Richard Roth’s Three Dimensional Abstraction
Richard Roth‘s unique abstract paintings are deceptively minimal.After a hiatus from painting, Roth returned to the medium and began working


Cartoon Roadkill
Richie Velazquez is an artist of the social media generation. The digital illustrator from Riverside, California explains that his process is to come up with stuff and just throw it on Tumblr and Instagram. “I think working for yourself is key!” he says.


Life With Bird x Ernest Artillo
While coming up with their Spring 2014 collection, designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner of Life With Bird stumbled across the collages of Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo. Intrigued by the concept of layers, they commissioned him to apply his paint daubs and superimposed geometric shapes to their look book.


Yoni Alter’s Colorful City Silhouette Prints
Inspired by urban landscapes and architecture, and in particular by London, graphic designer/artist Yoni Alter has a great collection of colorful prints featuring all the major landmark found in different cities. You can