Stella Artios : The Chalice Symphony
Belgian beer company Stella Artois has come to be known not only for a brilliantly brewed pilsner they have been perfecting for hundreds of years but in the past several years they have established themselves as a innovative force in marketing with their witty campaigning which is headed by one of today’s most reputable ad […]


Surreal Spaces
I really had to do a double take when I came across Evan Grothjan’s series of “Surreal Spaces”. These architecturally inspired illustrations are so dynamic and captivating and really stand apart from anything I have seen lately.


Graphic Fruit Posters
NYC-based ward-winning graphic designer Christopher Dina, is rapidly making his mark in the world of logo and brand design. Vibrant, energetic and bold, his latest series, ‘Fruit’ successfully showcases his versatile creative talent as he sets out to “celebrate the wondrous varieties of fruit, their unique forms and myriad of colors”.


Mod Men Illustrations by Jack Hughes
The graphic illustrations of Jack Hughes are refreshing and unique amidst many of the artists struggling to imitate fashion’s greatest illustrators. ┬áIn his use of two tone color and realistic rendering, Hughes creates bold and elegant characters with a hint of nostalgia.


Notorious Baldies by Mr Peruca
A great series of illustrations depicting the distinct bald heads of some of pop culture’s most notorious icons by, London-based illustrator, Mr Peruca.