Madame Grès Exhibition at Bourdelle
‘Madame Grès, La Couture à L’Oeuvre’ is the 1st retrospective in Paris of the work of this visionary couturier, an amazing exhibition organized by the Musée Galliera, and showcased at Musée Bourdelle – Madame Grès (1903-1993) continued to repeat throughout her life: “I wanted to be a sculptor. For me, it’s the same thing to […]


Distractors by Philip Luschen
As the outcome of his 4th year project, at Design Academy Eindhoven, Philip Luschen created a group of objects he refers to as “Distractors”. These objects were designed for boring places such as waiting rooms, long hallways and other dull intermediary places to create a moment of escape or  inspiration.


All About Fashion Illustrators – Decoy Magazine
Decoy magazine is a self-published fanzine by Richard Kilroy, printed on a b&w larger-than-A3 tabloid format. Each issue provides discussion on illustration within the fashion industry and areas of similar interest. Issue 2 is now available, and includes interviews with


The Multidisciplinary Art of Martin Bergström
Swedish fashion designer, stylist, set-designer and illustrator, Martin Bergström is a multidisciplinary artist that has applied his imagination to hotel interiors, furniture, print, theater, uniforms, stage clothing, illustrations, styling and commercial work, but it is the clothes which are at the center of his creative life. Bergström regards the collections as a

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Cecil Touchon’s Typographic Abstractions
This group of work is from a series artist Cecil Touchon called the “New Beautiful”, in which he views his role as ” part of the clean up crew of the twentieth Century. Touchon re-examines then transcends various avant-garde movements of the past century, including Synthetic Cubism, Constructivism, and Fluxus. I was drawn to the […]