Claire Duport’s Illustrations
Would you believe after looking at her work that this artist started illustrating only a year ago with no formal training in art? With her departure from fashion after six years at WAD Magazine, Claire Duport decided to pursue one of her greatest passions, “drawing”. Through observation, contemplation and patience she has developed a very […]

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Kevin Van Aelst Artwork
Photographer and artist Kevin Van Aelst uses common artifacts and scenes from everyday life, which have been rearranged, assembled, and constructed into various forms, patterns, and illustrations. Aelst’s artwork is an attempt to reconcile physical surroundings with the fears, fascinations, curiosities, and


Yacine M’Seffar’s Silver Metamorphosis
Silver Metamorphosis is part of an ongoing project where photographer Yacine M’Seffar transforms his subjects from organic to metallic, this process brings out textures shapes and designs that a straight photograph often does not. He transform the subjects to jewels, beautifying things that would not always attract us.

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Stanislava Pinchuk’s Street Art
Stanislava Pinchuk’s babushka street art caught my attention this morning. The 21-year-old Melbourne based artist creates street art under the alias Miso. Besides the brilliant subject matter and the beautiful execution I especially like the application of these works. The impact of two exact works back to back, juxtaposed at either end of a door, […]

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Inge Jacobsen Embroidered Illustration
Artist Inge Jacobsen takes high fashion images and makes them her own by embroidering, cutting, and collaging. “My main concern as an artist is how one responds to the mass of imagery in the world. Altering these is central to a lot of my work,” said Jacobsen.