Ruben Ireland Illustrations
British graphic designer Ruben Ireland uses mixed media with the fusion of traditional techniques and digital processing to create thoughtful, dreamlike images that carry emotional weight as well as a relevance to our daily lives. His tools include

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Beatrice Boyle
Post by Guest Blogger Michele Alexander Beatrice Boyle has been quoted as saying (of her work) “.. The process of painting subverts the image. It is the juxtaposition of the glamorous and the sordid that has inspired me and taken my work in a new direction”.


Tears for Japan
What happened and is still happening in Japan is horrible – It is very pleasant however to see artists around the world spreading their art for such a great cause. Japan needs our help. Here is a compilation of some of the most original posters on the web. If you can, donate (Paypal Donation | […]

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Aaron Coleman Printmaker
Indianapolis based new Artist/Printmaker Aaron Coleman contacted Trendland yesterday to introduce us to his work. Coleman uses technology to create these complex geometric patterns and textures, printing them using intaglio, silkscreen and lithographic techniques.


Tara Dougans Menswear F/W 2011 Illustrations
I am gagging over Tara Dougans Menswear F/W 2011 Fashion Week illustrations. Back in October I featured her S/S 2011 illustrations and she has done it again. i really can not thin of one illustrator that is more on point for interpretive fashion illustrations than her. I would love to get my hands on one […]