1979 GSA X3 Citroen from Paper
Introduced in 1979 the GSA X3 was the sportiest model of the Citroën GSA line. With it’s top speed of 158 km/h it was also the fastest GSA at the time.


Last Season by Lernert & Sander
Amsterdam-based Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug are two dutch artists and friends who started collaborating on art related projects.


Painted Food Illusions
  Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho takes everyday objects and rethinks their identity. In this series,  titled “It’s not what it seems” she transforms one food into another with the power of a paintbrush. These meticulous works are disturbingly believable.


Photorealistic Paintings of Wrapped Parcels
Certainly I am not the first to see these wrapped parcel works and automatically credit Christo and Jeanne-Claude, but its only when you look very closely that you find out these are not sculptures but photorealistic paintings.


Rikako Nagashima Refelects her love onto Hello Kitty
Japanese artist/ art director Rikako Nagashima, was commissioned with nine other artists, back in 2011, by House of Hello Kitty and Swarovski to create an artwork around Hello Kitty for an exhibition around Omotesando, Tokyo.