Rachel Wightman Makes Wearable Art
not Tuesday is a line of handmade necklaces by Sydney-based stylist Rachel Wightman, who strings clumsy cylinders and naive-looking beads in a madcap mix of murky, vibrant, vivid and earthy tones.


Grand Budapest Hotel Detail Drawings
Lorena G is a Barcelona-based graphic designer with a thing for Wes Anderson movies. So much so, that after she watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, she got to work on a series of twenty illustrations that seem to take a scavenger hunt through the film’s set


Foraging for Raw Materials
Born in New York in 1987, Sculptor David Alexander Flinn works out of a studio in Greenport, Long Island. From there, the School of Visual Arts and Scuola Internazionale Grafica alum often treks to a nearby beach to forage driftwood and stone


Pachamama by Cristobal Ramirez
Pachamama is a project by Chilean Art Director Cristobal Ramirez. These gorgeous illustrations are his own interpretation of (for the most part) Latin America chief & warrior ancestors. Be sure to


Richard Roth’s Three Dimensional Abstraction
Richard Roth‘s unique abstract paintings are deceptively minimal.After a hiatus from painting, Roth returned to the medium and began working