Floral Typography
Written by Julia Kasper Blossom Type is a two-part creative project of still life and interactive video devised by Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin. The making of each carefully-crafted letter


Maria Dukers’ Plexiglass Works
    We’ve been taken with alternative takes on neoplasticism lately, and Belgian artist Maria Dukers‘ wall installations are no different. Made from plexiglass and PVC tape


Starving Artist Recipes by Sara Zin
Written by Mateus Andrade   The food photography trend is firmly established in cookbooks as of late (blogs and social media as well). As any success story, someone has to take the back seat; in this case gracious food illustrations.


Turi Simeti’s Contoured Canvases
Italian painter Turi Simeti enthralls us with his mastery of color and silhouette. A maestro of the Zero art movement of the sixties, he renders repeating ovals that seem to dance across monochromatic, shaped canvases.


Plexiglass Photo-Illustrations
Austrian couple Verena Michelitsch and Tobias Van Schneider set up a little photo studio in their New York apartment, where they’ve been making still life compositions out of plastics and foils culled from Chinatown. Art directors and graphic designers at separate companies, the two apply their photography