Mod Men Illustrations by Jack Hughes
The graphic illustrations of Jack Hughes are refreshing and unique amidst many of the artists struggling to imitate fashion’s greatest illustrators.  In his use of two tone color and realistic rendering, Hughes creates bold and elegant characters with a hint of nostalgia.


Notorious Baldies by Mr Peruca
A great series of illustrations depicting the distinct bald heads of some of pop culture’s most notorious icons by, London-based illustrator, Mr Peruca.


Rare wildlife Illustrations from The British Library
Written by Geraldine Wharry   The British Library in London has given TrendLand exclusive access to unique wildlife illustrations done by Indian artists working in Calcutta, Barrackpore and South India between 1798 and 1805.


Banana Graffiti by Marta Grossi
“Marta Grossi eats her art for breakfast,” said Design Boom in a recent review of hong-kong-based designer Marta Grossi’s project, Banana Graffiti. In a temporary project, proving that inspiration is all around us, the designer uses bananas as her canvas.


Mad Maus Series by Christopher Lee Sauvé
New York-based designer Christopher Lee Sauvé‘s Mad Maus series honors fashion and culture icons in playful, graphic caricatures and Mickey Mouse impersonations. A selected collection of 20 illustrations including Grace Jones, André Leon Talley, Grace Coddington and Lynn Yaeger launched as part of the Playground Break Exhibition at New York City’s Hotel Particulier.