James Gulliver Hancock Chronicle Books Illustrations
Nothing screams “bummer” louder than a book with poor or unimaginative illustration. Thankfully, James Gulliver Hancock is here to save the day and create a beautiful and oh-so-fun illustration for Chronicle Books: “Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers”.   The book is a gathering of 50 public figures and demonstrates their unknown


Objective Objects
OBJECTIVE OBJECTS 2.0 is a multimedia project that explores the worth of everyday items that fade into the background.   “Sometimes I think we’re too busy with having the most ‘hot’ items, and the trend system,” says Art School Utrecht’s Marijke Aarntzen, whose work winks at the ubiquity


Parisian Interior Artist Mathias Kiss
French-Hungarian Interior artist Mathias Kiss is the type of guys who paints tromp l’oeil skies on Catherine Deneuve’s and Parisian palaces ceilings, who does interior design for


PopClik Headphones
PopClik is a new brand of headphones that wants you to “keep the real world outside.” With clean, highly defined sound quality, the color-blocked earphones sit nicely with young audiophiles in the U.S. and South America. In PopClik’s latest campaign, illustrators Eli Ferrer,


Scissor Bound
Everything Francesca Occhionero does becomes a collage, from dressing up to cooking, she see everything as a juxtaposition of images, stuck together and multi layered.   These collages in particular were inspired by her greatest passions: fashion, magazines and visual arts. Looking for a different