Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s British Rubbish
It’s hard to even begin figuring out how Tim Noble and Sue Webster come up with the work they do. But without a doubt, the artistic duo know how to make garbage look good. Ever since their first solo show in London, entitled British Rubbish, in 1996, Tim and Sue have managed to take ordinary […]


Quentin Jones Mixed Media Collages
It’s not the first time we review the work of London based Illustrator, animator, film maker Quentin Jones. Here is a full review of some of her latest work.


Guy Laramee’s The Great Wall Project
This is a great historiographical masterwork by French-Canadian artist Guy Laramee entitled, The Great Wall. In this body of work Laramee stacks encyclopedias and other historical literature from which he carves out mountains, glacial landscapes, plateaus and deep valleys from ancient China.


Ingrid Siliakus’ Paper Architecture
Paper might not be the best material when it comes to keeping things in one piece, but Ingrid Siliakus manages to do so with amazing success. The Amsterdam-born artist first discovered “paper architecture”—the art of creating an object out of a single piece of paper—through Prof. Masahiro Chatani, who originated the art form in the


Steven Spazuk’s Soot Art
Most artists usually just take a brush or pen to paper, Steven Spazuk prefers to use a flame. The French Canadian artist has developed this unique technique for about 10 years now, which entails essentially burning a thick sheet of paper, and then manipulating the soot left behind until