Hilton Owen’s Abstract Art
22-year-old, Australian artist Hilton Owen had his first solo show at age 17 and has kept his momentum going with 8 more solo shows under his belt over the last 5 years. His distinct abstract figurative style sets him apart and makes him a definite “one to watch”. “I paint what I see around me. […]


Nathalie du Pasquier’s Art
French artist and designer Nathalie du Pasquier produces still life paintings of domestic objects and minimal wooden constructs whose color and geometry feel very post-modernistic.


Anne-Marie Jones AW12 Fashion Paintings
Recent graduate from University College Falmouth, UK, the British artist Anne-Marie Jones paint runways in a very artsy way. I love her style and the fact that the paintings make you think backwards, trying to imagine what the clothes really look like and that process breaks down the designs to bring out the ideas behind […]


Tofer Chin’s “Totally” First NY Solo Show
If the name Tofer Chin does not ring a bell, well than first and foremost you are not a true Trendland fan, second and more importantly you may be missing out on the beginning of a very relevant artists career of our generation. We have been closely following Tofer’s projects and art for the last […]


Jim Hodges Rocks Sculptures
Sculptor Jim Hodges (1957) created a compelling installation at Barbara Gladstone’s 21st St. location in NY, grouping 4 large scale boulders around a central void. Hodges replaced part of the original surface of the rock with vibrantly colored stainless steel casts offs. Part of an new body of work that extends to