Future Fossils by Bughouse
For these awesome ‘Future Fossils’ sculptures, artist Jeff Klarin and Rebecca Johnson from Los Angeles design studio Bughouse, thought about the future and created fossilized versions of turntables, Atari joysticks and various cameras. Just as if they were unearthed during excavations in the distant future…

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Andrea Mary Marshall’s Toxic Women Exhibition
It was not too long ago that featured some of Andrea Mary Marshall’s work here, but she recently had a solo exhibition in New York titled, “Toxic Women” which showed a large body of work. Through a series of provocative self-portraits rendered as paintings, photographs, and film, Marshall examines the intersection of identity, female sexuality, […]


Louis Vuitton’s Maroquinaris Zoologicae
I don’t know what’s harder—chopping up heaps of Louis Vuitton bags or coming up with creation after amazing creation of creatures from the parts. British artist Billie Achilleos had to do both of these when she was commissioned for the luxury fashion house’s Maroquinaris Zoologicae, celebrating their 100th anniversary in the


Kate MccGwire’s Feather Sculptures
Artist Kate MccGwire collects molted bird feathers and reuses them to create beautiful and intricate sculptures in all different scales. Some of her installation work is particularly fascinating because of the time it takes to collect as many as 10,000 feathers to make one piece.


Epherma Friends Garment Illustrations
Loving these garment illustrations available for purchase on Etsy by Epherma Friends. I think it is also a great way to archive your favorite and most iconic pieces of clothing that you may not have enough space in your closet anymore for. its hard to part with some things, so perhaps a beautifully detailed and […]