Helen Carnac’s Enamel Works
Helen Carnac is a maker, curator and academic who lives and works in London. Drawing, mark-making, the explicit connections between material, process and maker and an emphasis on deliberation and reflection are all central to her practice as a maker and thinker. An Internationally acclaimed enameller –


Bubbles Illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky
After the gorgeous David Parfitt Bubble photography here is the equally stunning bubble illustrations by Austrian duo Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss of Atelier Olschinsky.


Los Fridos by Andrea Mary Marshall
Last week we introduced you to” Toxic Women” a series of work which was made for NY based artist Andrea Mary Marshall’s first solo show. These strange hybrids of photography and painting are from the series ‘Los Fridos’ by the artist & photographer Kristiina Wilson. Based on the portraits of Mexican artist Frida Khalo, the […]


Zadok Ben David’s Blackfield Installation
Black on one side, colorful on the other side, from two-dimensional still life drawing into three-dimensional landscape in a sophisticated marriage of scale and color, Zadok Ben David‘s Blackfield installation is blanketing the main gallery floor with more than 12,000 petite steel cut plant sculptures arise out of a thin layer of sand. Perfectly rectangular, […]


Send to Print/Print to Send Exhibition at The Aram Gallery
Send to Print / Print to Send exhibition opens January 12th at the Aram Gallery in London, offering an impression of uses of 3D Printing* in the design industry today, including works from the fields of architecture, industrial design, fashion, and product design. This timely exhibition shows work by designers and organizations who are developing […]