Angelo Musco’s ‘Human Figures’ Artwork
Angelo Musco‘s work just can’t be absorbed in a glance. The photographer-slash-artist’s pieces are composed of thousands of human figures intricately and densely packed on panels as large as 8 x 20 feet, Forming shapes that look almost like outer space bone MRI scans. Angelo, with almost


Yago Hortal’s Abstract Expressionism
Spanish born, Berlin based artist Yago Hortal drips, smears, and splashes layers of acrylic paint onto canvas to create these abstract expressionistic works of art. These explosions of color are probably even more fun to make than they are to look at. Hortal’s work seems like a great balance of cerebral, emotional and physical discharge,


Hattie Stewart’s Magazine Illustrations
British artist Hattie Stewart challenges the monotony of fashion publications covers with her cheeky interpretations. She takes her love for the print world to another step by using magazine covers as her medium for creating these graphic illustrations. By the looks of this body of work and seeing that it touches on fashion, art, and […]


Sarah Esteje’s Pen Illustrations
Illustrating is hard enough as is, but Sarah Esteje does so without a hitch. At least that’s what we see from her on-point Bic pen work. A young artist born in 1987, Sarah has already studied at both LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués) and Gobelins, where she took up photography. Her training in both […]


Luminarie De Cagna’s LED Cathedral
You can get pretty complacent when running an 80-plus-year-old family business. Or you can make like Luminarie De Cagna and stage a show no one will ever forget. The Italian family business, specializing in lighting and illumination, has been known to show its wares in amazing ways during public events. Starting with oil and carbide […]