Aurelian Junner’s Magazine Cover Art
French born, Barcelona based artist and designer, Aurelian Junner, sent us his latest personal body of work, a photographic reflection on the function of fashion magazine as a medium of dissemination of “mass culture” images and its relation to reality. He refers to his method as “juxtaposition intervention”, questioning the status of the fictional world […]


Moki’s Paintings on Wood
It’s amazing how Moki can layer her paintings onto wood, integrate them seamlessly with the textured grain, and still deliver a solid piece of art. Interestingly, Moki chooses to forgo the use of titles in practically all her works, explaining that she wants viewers to reflect their own personality, without a filter or guide. Although […]


Jirka Väätäinen Envisions “Realistic” Disney Characters
With some great photo manipulation and illustrations, Finnish designer Jirka Väätäinen imagines what many of Disney‘s greatest female characters would look like if they weren’t cartoons. All very charming !


Tim Biskup’s Pixel Art
Tim Biskup may be one of the premiere artists in the lowbrow group, but his work definitely carries a modern, sleek vibe. Marrying 1950s storybook illustration with his own touch of vibrant playful pop, Tim’s website probably best describes his work as


Franz Falckenhaus Mixed Media Collages
As you might know by now, we are very fond of mixed-media collages and consider it as a very skillful Art of its own. These carefully composed works take extensive research. They  mix illustrations and vintage imagery with creative backgrounds to tell a whole new story. The work of Polish graphic designer Franz Falckenhaus illustrates […]