Travess Smalley’s Vector Weaves
“Vector Weave” is a series of large-scale vinyl prints showing thick textures and patterns, interwoven layers, meshes of structures that are difficult to parse. The title refers on the one hand to the vector graphics that are the basis of the works, and on the other hand to the process that runs through what initially […]


Typographic Sculptures by Fabrice Le Nezet
Fabrice Le Nezet’s work explores the intersection between Architecture, Fashion and Toys Design through the use of raw material such as concrete and metal. Recognizable in his work is the pure, clean and graphical aesthetic combined with playful qualities.


Rob Sato’s Curses Exhibition
Curses collects Rob Sato‘s latest adventures on paper, including his massive project Five Movements For Little Guys, a series of ten foot high watercolors where he set out to paint every single person he can remember. The figures are painted in miniature, and they migrate through five fantastical landscapes in a


Fruitarian Shoes
Whoever said that you shouldn’t play with food, certainly hadn’t seen Ache Rodriguez‘s art project.


“Barock” Photographic Installation by Renate Buser
Abbey Church of Bellelay, built by Franz Beer in 1714, is made of grandiose ornamented pillars and arches, huge spaces of contemplation and art in the natural light.