Babak Golkar’s Installations
Mostly known for his ‘Negotiating Space‘ installations where he installed skyscraper models over Persian carpets, the Canada-based Iranian artist Babak Golkar‘s practice spreads across diverse medium, ranging from drawing, video, performance, sculpture and site-specific installation; nonetheless, his interests in subjects and issues surrounding his practice remain constant. While employing engagement strategies such as humor and […]


Ina Jang in Jalouse April 2012
Ina Jang not only takes photos, she also shows you what she likes and doesn’t like in them. That’s because the Brooklyn-based photographer takes to each photo with a pair of scissors, snipping out a few elements of her choosing. “I started it because I was struggling to make images at the time,” she says […]

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Peter Phillips’ Leather Masks
Renown British artist Peter Phillips created these stunning leather masks for an editorial photographed by Richard Burbridge  for Exhibition Magazine’s Leather issue.


Kon Trubkovich’s Glitch Paintings
It was just a matter of time before young, modern artists would draw from technology and gadgets for inspiration. Take the work of Kon Trubkovich, a Russian-born, New York-based artist born in 1979. He begins his work by filming his own videos, which he further analyzes, sometimes presenting selected clips as separate films, and then […]


Jose Romussi Photo Embroidery
Chilean artist Jose Romussi takes vintage black & white photograph of ballerina and saw over some colorful thread adding a playful touch to their frozen posture. If you like this kind of mixed media, you should also check the more complex work of  Maurizio Anzeri.