New Paintings by Roy Nachum: Open Your Eyes
It seems as though all the stars are aligning for Roy Nachum.  If the slew of celebrity fans, including Justin Timberlake and Sir Philip Green are any indication, it seems the 33-year old painter’s profile is on the rise, fast.  Nachum, who earned his stripes at Cooper Union and Bezalel Academy in Israel,


Anarchitecture, WYSI*not*WYG by Olivier Ratsi
French visual artist, Olivier Ratsi introduced us to his latest project: What You See is NOT What You Get (WYSI*not*WYG). This work is mainly based upon representations of world’s perception and the experience of reality. Reminding me a bit the work of Filip Dujardin, Anarchitecture is a


Andreas Nicolas Fischer Procedural Landscapes
For German visual artist Andreas Nicolas Fischer, using one medium to display visual art is just not good enough, so instead Fischer has created multiple media pieces that will make you feel like your looking down on another world. Using custom software that uses a swarm of particles to gradually create an


Berk Senturk’s Oh, Hi!
Oh, Hi! is just about as fresh and likeable as it sounds. A series of illustrations by Berk Senturk, it presents some pretty awkward meetings between superheroes and other famous pop culture icons. Some related and some not so, the pairings include: Edward Scissorhands and Wolverine, Marty McFly and the Terminator (early years), and Freddie […]


Metamorphosis by Maven for OE Magazine
For the second issue of Œ Magazine German creative studio Maven styled the fashion editorial ‘Metamorphosis’ in which the collections of Berlin designers morph into graphic patterns and forms. The result is pretty cool and very graphic!