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Artistic Scans by Hargreaves+Levin Reveal Beauty of Food

Hargreaves + Levin creates a series of food scans that showcases the beauty of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Exposing nature’s own artistry, the project focuses on natural details and curves, where composition…


Fajar P. Domingo Digital Collages

Indonesian graphic designer Fajar P. Domingo enjoys making these gorgeous digital collages on his spare time.

Maija Savolainen Paperwork

Gorgeous Sunsets Created with just Light and Paper

Artist Maija Savolainen ‘Paperworks (See/Sea)’ series, is a study on the colors of sunlight and the photographic way of seeing. The images are made with a folded, white A4 sheet placed in…


Anna Bu Kliewer Mixed Media Collages

Ukrainian artist Anna Bu Kliewer grew up in Germany and is a mixed media artist working in both analogue and digital collage.

ice-cream-books -project-pairs-food-and-good-reads-1

Ice Cream Books Project Pairs Food And Good Reads

Ice Cream Books is an art project marrying the love for beautiful books and frozen delights. Set against saturated backgrounds, the pictures depict chocolate chip waffle cones and  refreshing popsicles melting on…


Alexandra Bellissimo Human Natures Series

It’s not the first time we wrote about the works of Alexandra Bellissimo before on Trendland, but these are her latest collages and we wanted to share them again.