Bernhard Handick’s Mixed Media Art

From pixelation to overlaying, the manner in which Bernhard Handick approaches his mixed media art is certainly destructive. Taking…


Kumi Yamashita’s Shadow Art

Japanese New York-based artist Kumi Yamashita‘s origami artworks are both simple and unbelievably complex.


Charles Wilkin’s Collage Art

Collage artist Charles Wilkin takes photographs with a vintage feel and adds layers of color and shape to create eerie artworks.


Go For Baroque for Du Jour Magazine

Du Jour’s mixed media editorial perfectly blends wallpaper inspired baroque and floral prints with this season’s latest…

Elad Assry_08

Elad Lassry Art

Elad Lassry is a high conceptual artist from Tel Aviv living in Los Angeles, exhibiting all over the world.