Rosanna Webster for Stamp Magazine
London-based artist/photographer and recent Brighton University graduate, Rosanna Webster, is off to a dashing start with collaborations for Vogue Paris on a visual diary, AnOther, and this stunning illustrated editorial ...


GREATeclectic Mixed Media Collages
Deeply inspired by pop art and especially Basquiat, street artist GREATeclectic blends the most abstractly familiar elements of life – love, envy, wealth, wrath, perception, desire, greed, necessity, lust, identity, ...


VOGUE Hommes Japan #9 ‘Gathering for Combat’ by Damien Blottière
Vogue Hommes Japan #9 collaborated with French photographer Damien Blottière to create the “Gathering for Combat” editorial ft. model Kevin Flamme, Rodolphe Zanforlini & Tarik Lakehal. Damien Blottiere is known for his unique ‘cut and paste’ technique -demonstrated in this editorial. We have been obsessing over chaotic collage photography and think that Blottiere does a pretty […]


Studio Sander Wassink
Sander Wassink is an artist and designer who encourages us to reconsider our ideas of beauty and aesthetic value. How can we reconsider what is important and what is desirable to include notions of history, memory and the preservation of a past which is slipping away. Amid new construction, new production, and constant proliferation of […]


Sofie Bird Moller’s Mixed media Painting
“Creativity with a mind of its own” is what comes to mind when observing Sofie Bird‘s mixed media art. Unrestrained, Bird creates images where she paints over the ugly and ...


Geraldine George’s Mixed Media Illustrations
Belgian graphic designer and illustrator Geraldine Georges mixes photography with other illustrated elements such as natural flowers or birds. The result is a digital collage series that exudes a delicate but powerful mysticism.


Technological Mandala by Leonardo Ulian
Italian-born, London-based artist Leonardo Ulian‘s latest work creates these beautiful symmetrical mandalas with refurbished computer chips and electronic components. Difficult to imagine that, this limited edition series, named, ‘Technological Mandala‘ is not sold out already!


Jannis Markopoulos’s Cartoon Skull Masks
During my recent trip to Berlin, I discovered the artwork of Jannis Markopoulos and really enjoyed his oil on canvas Cartoon Skull Mask series. In exclusivity he agreed on giving us the images of the series that I’m sure will go pretty viral.


EXCLU: “Gif Art” Campaign by Nina Ricci & Jo Ratcliffe
One of Trendland’s favorite illustrators/artists, Jo Ratcliffe just finished her collaboration with Nina Ricci on the ‘Gif Art’ Campaign for the launch of the bag “La Rue” from the new collection F/W 12/13. Gifs are hot, trendy, and these are amazing. Check them moving all below…