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Frances Berry Loves to Re-Work Vintage Photographs

Frances Berry is a photographer, painter, and collage artist from Memphis, Tennessee. By re-working vintage photographs via digital collage and other photoshop techniques, she gives life to interesting surrealistic works.


Introspective Collages By Rita Zimmermann

Multi-disciplinary artist Rita Zimmermann creates nostalgic collages that look into the world of women through a lens of pop culture. Dreamy and surrealistic, Zimmermann’s works refer to Dadaism and are made with…


Collages By Raphael Vicenzi Reflect Female Fragility

Exposing feminine vulnerability, Brussels-based artist Raphael Vicenzi creates abstract collages. His graphic art uses female figures or body parts that he mingles with soft brushstrokes, black and white backdrops and occasional word…


Artistic Scans by Hargreaves+Levin Reveal Beauty of Food

Hargreaves + Levin creates a series of food scans that showcases the beauty of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Exposing nature’s own artistry, the project focuses on natural details and curves, where composition…


Fajar P. Domingo Digital Collages

Indonesian graphic designer Fajar P. Domingo enjoys making these gorgeous digital collages on his spare time.