David Diehl: Reconstructing Greece

David Diehl is a graduate of the Zurich University of Arts who works as a freelance artist on commissioned illustrations, murals, and col…


Alice Quaresma: Innovative Image Making

Brazilian-born artist Alice Quaresma has something different to share with the world. Her work invokes a sense of wonder and discovery, a…


There Must Be More to Life Than This

Anthony Gerace has always encompassed both an intuitive and a mechanical approach, as well as a desire to preserve and monumentalize a pa…


Civilized Landscape

In his multimedia practice, Beijing-based Ji Zhou initiates a critical dialogue between reality, perception, and possibility.


Eugenia Loli Mind Alteration Collages

Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled on the stunning ‘Modern Vintage’ collages of California based, Greek artist Eugenia Loli. Bef…


Progress in the Chaos

“Progress in Chaos” is a fashion story shot by Russian photographer Anton Reva for Contributor Magazine. The magazine has been exploring …


Prada Olfactories New Collection

PRADA OLFACTORIES Prada launches 10 new amazing scents The collection of Prada Olfactories are potent concoctions of the unexpected, each…


Geometric Reflection by Victoria Siemer

Brooklyn based graphic designer Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria produces gorgeous new and unusual realities by altering expected perception…