Louise Mertens Mixed Media Collages

Young Belgium graphic designer Louise Mertens has been making collages since she was little, making it such a trademark of herself. She a…

Claire-Trotignon- Between-Space-and-Time-04

Claire Trotignon: Between Space and Time

Claire Trotignon was born in Paris, where she currently lives and works. Her practice revolves around questioning complexity, where her i…


Marius Land : Samples Repurposed

Marius Land lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig. His photography, editorial and graphic design work is lively and under complicated.

andre hemer-contemporary-artist-art-a

Andre Hemer: From Pigment to Pixel

New Zealand artist André Hemer has exhibited widely internationally, his work exploring the intersections between digital media and paint…


Meric Canatan’s Contemporary Delicacy

We are not novices to the work of Meric Canatan. The Turkish artist and designer has been on our radar for years, with her unique cutout …


Claire Oswalt: In Bits and Pieces

Claire Oswalt is a Los Angeles based artist whose work spans various disciplines including drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture.


Jay Riggio Surreal World of Images

Jay Riggio has cutting and pasting images for over 15 years. His work was born from a need to tell stories and express a series of feelin…