Surreal Homes by Matthias Jung

Resembling a similar project by Robert Overweg, German designer Matthias Jung’s surreal houses are as intricate as they…


Guiomar Teles Mixed Media Patterns

When Portuguese illustrator Guiomar Teles was a child she always tried to reproduce her mother’s paintings. Instead of oil her mom…


Pheromone Design: Christopher Marley

These gorgeous mosaics of insects and butterflies are the works of artist/designer Christopher Marley. His obsession with insects…


Art of Gathering

Materials, memories, ideas, and emotions are distilled and reconfigured. These configurations are partly improvisational, and guided by…


Kevin Welsh Collages

Kevin Welsh is a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, his work is focused on delusion surrounding false realities and the…

Rocio Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-2

Surreal “Human Landscapes”

We recently feature the beautiful work of Spanish artist Rocio Montoya, and since then she has created a series of beauties she called,…


The Street Art of Vermibus

Street artist Vermibus lives and works in Berlin where he collects advertising posters from the streets, using them in his studio as the…


Rocio Montoya Mixed Media Collages

You know by now that we are crazy about collages & mixed media and Spanish artist Rocio Montoya has some pretty amazing ones!