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Russell Kleyn’s And Gina Kiel’s Mirage Collages

Russell Kleyn and Gina Kiel partnered with The Service Depot for a series of abstract mixed media collages featuring fresh, international fashion labels. The two artists from New Zealand have already defined…


Carolina Nino Buro Mixed Media Collages

Born in Colombia, traveler by nature, Carolina has lived in several countries including Spain, Guatemala, Brazil and currently living in Argentina.


Living in a Material World

Materials, ideas and processes are at the centre of every human endeavor; Matter is a new research studio and consultancy founded to explore the relationship between them.


@hey.luisa Creates Magic on Instagram

Portuguese photographer Luisa Azevedo is a talented 18 years old ‘who doesn’t want realism but Magic instead’ – Her mixed media collages makes you travel and forget all notions of reality with…


Léa Nielsen Mixed Media Fashion Photography

London-based Danish photographer Léa Nielsen draws inspiration from architecture, art and film, and as such her images are both minimalist and intense;


Edwin Antonio Mixes Fashion, LEGO and Renaissance Paintings

Edwin Antonio is a 21 years old Puerto Rican artist with a sharp eye for fashion, creates stunning mixed-media collage using fashion editorial and runway images mixed with Renaissance paintings, sometimes with…


Nidalsher Intriguing Collages

Digital artist, photographer, and filmmaker from Quetta, Pakistan, Nidal Sher has some great mixed media collages. Often political, his compositions attract the viewers by sending a strong visual message. An interesting way…