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Blossoming Sculptures By Jean-Michel Bihorel

Blossoming digital sculptures by Jean-Michel Bihorel combine artist’s fascination with flowers and the female form. He designs figures made of cracked marble, where the gaps are filled with dried hydrangea flowers and…


Artmour New Vision on Collages

Not much to say (or find) about digital artist Elodie Milan aka ‘Artmour’ except her intriguing mixed-media collages where she’s using different fashion spreads reinterpreted by layering unrelated images to create new…


Liesl Pfeffer’ Hearts & Arrows Series

In love with gorgeous mixed-media collages of Liesl Pfeffer. For this Hearts & Arrows’ series, she turned her own photography into these beautiful gems.

Chyrum Lambert-paintings

Mixed-Media Paintings by Chyrum Lambert

Los Angeles based painter Chyrum Lambert, has several strings to his artistic bow. He has perfect the art of collage and handles scalpel blades like a surgeon to carve his paintings, which…