Marie Hagerty’s Sensuous Shapes
In the mid-eighties, Sydney-reared Marie Hagerty moved to study at the Canberra Institute of the Arts. Since then, she has turned out prolific work, touching on the themes of the ...


Ayaka Ito’s Multidisciplinary Portfolio
Born and raised in Japan, Ayaka Ito works at RoAndCo Studio in New York. Her recently launched personal portfolio shines with print and interactive projects of a certain luster.


Joana Vasconcelos’ Bestiary
Written by Mateus Andrade Celebrated Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos showcases the beauty of handicraft techniques from her home country in the Bestiary series.


Neoplasticism In Foam
German multimedia artist Katja Windau extended the life of her recent wall installation Die Zelle des Piet M (“The Cell of Piet M.”) Inspired by Piet Mondrian, inventor of neoplasticism, she had covered a wall in a strict arrangement of pastel foam


Objective Objects
OBJECTIVE OBJECTS 2.0 is a multimedia project that explores the worth of everyday items that fade into the background.   “Sometimes I think we’re too busy with having the most ...


Scissor Bound
Everything Francesca Occhionero does becomes a collage, from dressing up to cooking, she see everything as a juxtaposition of images, stuck together and multi layered.   These collages in particular were inspired by her greatest passions: fashion, magazines and visual arts. Looking for a different


Mixed Media Editorial by Meric Canatan & Elvis Jankus
Elvis Jankus captured by Olgaç Bozalp and styled by DAN+SHAN with pieces from Rick Owens, Sonia Rykiel, Christopher Raeburn, Jonathan Saunders, James Long and more, in exclusive mixed media editorial story for Fucking Young! Online. Art direction and collage by


Life With Bird x Ernest Artillo
While coming up with their Spring 2014 collection, designers Bridget McCall and Nicholas Van Messner of Life With Bird stumbled across the collages of Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo. Intrigued by the concept of layers, they commissioned him to apply his paint daubs and superimposed geometric shapes to their look book.


1979 GSA X3 Citroen from Paper
Introduced in 1979 the GSA X3 was the sportiest model of the Citroën GSA line. With it’s top speed of 158 km/h it was also the fastest GSA at the time.