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Chyrum Lambert-paintings

Mixed-Media Paintings by Chyrum Lambert

Los Angeles based painter Chyrum Lambert, has several strings to his artistic bow. He has perfect the art of collage and handles scalpel …


Back to The Past With Alexey Kondakov

Thanks to his very accurate photoshop skills, Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov allows Caravaggio and Bouguereau’s muses and angels –…


Hannah Whitaker’s Mixed-Media Collages

The art technique of Hannah Whitaker is far from ordinary. Her graphic collages start with a sketch, later cut into paper screens and ins…


Karen Lynch’s Vintage Collages

Vintage collage art by Karen Lynch aka Leaf and Petal Design is a combination of the analogue and digital.


Ana Rita Ramos Motion Collages

Portuguese designer who studied Interior Design, Ana Rita Ramos background doesn’t define her, because year by year she found herse…


Hedonismo by Lola Dupre

Its been now 7 years ago that we discovered the work of great collage artist Lola Dupre!