Back to The Past With Alexey Kondakov

Thanks to his very accurate photoshop skills, Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov allows Caravaggio and Bouguereau’s muses and angels –…


Ana Rita Ramos Motion Collages

Portuguese designer who studied Interior Design, Ana Rita Ramos background doesn’t define her, because year by year she found herse…


Hedonismo by Lola Dupre

Its been now 7 years ago that we discovered the work of great collage artist Lola Dupre!


Haute Collages By Johanna Goodman

Love love love the mixed media collages of Johanna Goodman. The illustrator and collage artist series ‘Catalogue of Imaginary Beings’.


Arctic Paper’s Munken Collection

Known for their selection of great quality papers, creatives and artists form around the globe loves to buy Arctic Papers.


Paper plants by Raya Sader Bujana

The delicate series of monochrome pictures is signed by Raya Sader Bujana, a paper artist who depicts plants in pots, allowing a duality …


Sybaris’ Conceptual Food Photography

Israeli artist duo Boris Fabrikant and art-director/graphic designer Natasha Boguslavsky loves to play with cutouts and collages to creat…


Mixed Media Tarot Cards by 25th Century

The art of reading Tarot cards is an ancient method of interpreting the self and the future. They illuminate hidden gateways in a persons…


The Tragic Murder of a Hamburger

Photo Duo Ilka & Franz have murdered a bunch of fast foods in their latest series – “The Tragic Murder of a Hamburger…


Fajar P. Domingo Digital Collages

Indonesian graphic designer Fajar P. Domingo enjoys making these gorgeous digital collages on his spare time.