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Fate Troppo Belle Intriguing Collages

Milan based digital artist Alina Akhmatova also known as ‘Fate Troppo Belle’, has some gorgeous collages using mostly women


Emilia Lenci’s Gorgeous Fashion Collages

Italian graphic design artist Emilia Lenci creates beautiful mixed-media collages where she uses fashion runway images mixed with random, color coded backgrounds.


The Intricate Collages of Bedelgeuse

Travis Bedel, better known as Bedelgeuse, works and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. After following a training in sound design, he moved to the artwork where he developed a very personal technique…


Kelly Maker Sexy Collages

Photographer and Artist from Melbourne, Australia Kelly Maker aka The Stone Fox, has managed to carve gorgeous mixed media collages series with her own signature styles.


Enchanted Garden for IDEAT China

Founded by Mi Dong and Jingfeng Fang, Mattersofseeing design studio fosters a fresh vision of authenticity.


Russell Kleyn’s And Gina Kiel’s Mirage Collages

Russell Kleyn and Gina Kiel partnered with The Service Depot for a series of abstract mixed media collages featuring fresh, international fashion labels. The two artists from New Zealand have already defined…