Tove Storch – Installations – 1

Tove Storch Installations

The minimalistic and voluminous universe of artist Tove Storch is a complex one. The artist through her installations, explores the relat…


Conceptual Art by Elodie Antoine

Elodie Antoine is the kind of artist who gives her objects their own time and space to find their identity and develop on their own. Alwa…


Daisy Balloon New Work

We introduced you to the art of Daisy balloon five years ago creating wild and intricate dresses out of small balloons. Since then artist…

Chalice Symphony

Stella Artios : The Chalice Symphony

Belgian beer company Stella Artois has come to be known not only for a brilliantly brewed pilsner they have been perfecting for hundreds …

Phillip K Smith III – Lucid Stead – 7

Phillip K Smith’s Lucid Stead

A two day event that manifested into an exhibit with over 400 visitors over two weekends, US artist Phillip K Smith III got people talkin…


Gala by Dominique Petrin

Dominique Petrin’s super fun prints form bring to life an installation at the Coalition for Art Print in Monreal, Canada.


Onion Skin by Olivier Ratsi

Exploring perceptions of reality, and the representation of it, artist Olivier Ratsi presents a new installation, “Onion Skin”…


Chiharu Shiota’s Installations

Japanese-born, Berlin-based artist Chiharu Shiota’s haunting installations are like beautiful, suffocating spider webs. 

Gary Card_01

Plasticine Cave by Gary Card

Gary Card is a young and amazing English designer, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, who made the “Plasticine Cave” instal…

Phat Knits_07

Phat Knits by Bauke Knottnerus

The Rotterdam-based designer Bauke Knottnerus created a series of giant threads to create, knitted or not, interior products embellishing…

Torafu Architects_04

Torafu’s Haunted Playhouse

Torafu Architects designed a “Haunted House” for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo included in an exhibition for childr…


Giorgia Zanellato’s Space Food

Breaking news! The United States has just landed on Planet Hamburger. Decked out in tin foil, these foods are ready for space.


The Trigger Effect

Greek contemporary art and art collectors have exploded onto our radar recently and this forward-thinking exhibition, The Trigger Effect,…



ABSOLUT kicked off its new “Transform Today” campaign over the weekend in Williamsburg with ABSOLUT Open Canvas, a project tu…


Troika: Squaring the Circle

  A couple weeks back in Art Basel Hong Kong, one showstopper that got all the spectators in a frenzy was a perplexing installation piece…