Tofer Chin at Maderas Village
Tofer Chin’s stalagmite installations at Maderas Village, Nicaragua, are not only an original addition to their natural landscape but also mark the beginning of an initiative to explore artistic collaborations ...


RH Contemporary Art Presents Four Solo Exhibitions
The RH Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea,  presents four international solo exhibitions this week.


Nanotak: Daydream V.4 Exhibition
Daydream is an audiovisual installation by Nanotak studio; Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto, which ended last month in Eindhoven, Netherlands.


Solid Light Films by Anthony Mccall
New York-based, British artist Anthony McCall practices in the fields of film, installation, sculpture and drawing.


The Fragrance Lab at Selfridge’s
The shopping experience is changing rapidly these days.


Pictures, Chromogenic and Pigment by Phil Chang
Beautiful brushstrokes and blocks of color dressed the walls at the M+B Gallery in Los Angeles during


Sediment Sampling
What might appear to be an arrangement of abruptly smashed clay pots, reveals itself on closer inspection, as a surprisingly slow-moving, gentle decay of material in Karin Lehmann’s standout installation.


The Cloud by Richard Clarkson Studio
The Richard Clarkson studio is an experimental product, lighting & furniture studio.


Cacti by The Garden Edit
With more than 15 years of experience, English gardener John Tebbs is maintaining private and public gardens across London.