Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Works
Copenhagen-born Jeppe Hein works out of Berlin, where he creates minimalist conceptual artworks with an interactive bent.


Maria Dukers’ Plexiglass Works
    We’ve been taken with alternative takes on neoplasticism lately, and Belgian artist Maria Dukers‘ wall installations are no different. Made from plexiglass and PVC tape


Julien Colombier’s Le Printemps
Parisian painter Julien Colombier is no stranger to skate parks and graffitied walls. But this time around, he “bombed” the La Printemps department store in bourgeois Haussmann.


Neoplasticism In Foam
German multimedia artist Katja Windau extended the life of her recent wall installation Die Zelle des Piet M (“The Cell of Piet M.”) Inspired by Piet Mondrian, inventor of neoplasticism, she had covered a wall in a strict arrangement of pastel foam


Topsy Turvy Kitchen
Artist Zeger Reyers debuts his work Rotating Kitchen at the Eat Art exhibition in Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf. Part performance art and part mechanized installation, the show begins when a woman starts ...


Artist Phillip K. Smith plays with Reflection at Coachella
We are not going to showcase all the street style and ‘trendiest’ outfit of Coachella, (because everyone else is doing it) but we are reviewing this great project called ‘Reflection Field’ by artist Phillip K. Smith. The Project consists of


Light Installations by Massimo Uberti
Written by Mateus Andrade Throughout the last 20 years, Milan-based artist, Massimo Uberti has created several unique and deceptively simple installations.


Bodies, Bauhaus and Ballet
Bodies, Bauhaus and ballet inspired set designer Anna Lomax’s project called “Body Builder.” Collaborating with photographer Jess Bonham, the London-based artist balanced props on her model’s body, rendering them her costume


Ai Weiwei Largest Solo Show Exhibition
  Martin-Gropius-Bau museum in Berlin recently unveiled, Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei’s largest solo exhibition to date. The exhibit, named “Evidence”,  extends on 3000 square meters and 18 rooms. The central installation called “Stools” shows 6000 wooden stools found in rural places in China.