“Barock” Photographic Installation by Renate Buser
Abbey Church of Bellelay, built by Franz Beer in 1714, is made of grandiose ornamented pillars and arches, huge spaces of contemplation and art in the natural light.


Gemis Luciani’s Re-assembled Magazines
Love the artworks of Berlin based artist Gemis Luciani. After graduating in 2005 he started as a set designer and performer for Teatrino Clandestino before focussing on his art. His ...


The Lookout – A Mirror Cube Installation
Written by Amber Grace Johnson   As part of their Advanced Architectural Design thesis at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, architects Angus Richie and Daniel Tyler collaborated to design “The Lookout,” a handmade and mirrored timber cabin situated among the lochs and mountainous landscapes of Scotland.


James Clar’s Light Sculptures
Written by Mateus Andrade New York based artist James Clar explores in his light sculptures various possibilities of visual representations and the consequences of technology’s unyielding presence.


Maria Dukers’ Plexiglass Works
    We’ve been taken with alternative takes on neoplasticism lately, and Belgian artist Maria Dukers‘ wall installations are no different. Made from plexiglass and PVC tape


Julien Colombier’s Le Printemps
Parisian painter Julien Colombier is no stranger to skate parks and graffitied walls. But this time around, he “bombed” the La Printemps department store in bourgeois Haussmann.


Neoplasticism In Foam
German multimedia artist Katja Windau extended the life of her recent wall installation Die Zelle des Piet M (“The Cell of Piet M.”) Inspired by Piet Mondrian, inventor of neoplasticism, she had covered a wall in a strict arrangement of pastel foam


Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Works
Copenhagen-born Jeppe Hein works out of Berlin, where he creates minimalist conceptual artworks with an interactive bent.


Bodies, Bauhaus and Ballet
Bodies, Bauhaus and ballet inspired set designer Anna Lomax’s project called “Body Builder.” Collaborating with photographer Jess Bonham, the London-based artist balanced props on her model’s body, rendering them her costume