The Journal: How To Be A Music Buff
You may have heard/noticed that online e-tailers Net-a-Porter and Mr. Porter are amping up their editorial content,


Hand-Drawn Floor Plans of Popular TV Shows
Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde aka Nikneuk took the time and patience to draw the interiors and floor plans of her favorite TV shows and movies – A very tedious ...


António Soares Fashion Illustrations
Thanks to our Facebook page, we discovered the talented Portuguese illustrator António Soares and his amazing fashion illustrations. His hand-drawn watercolor illustrations series are based on the fashion designer patterns and colors of the season.


“Dirty land” by Gustavo Bockos @ Empty Frame
Empty Frame presents “Dirty land” by Gustavo Bockos aka Vokos, an art Director, Designer and illustrator based in São Paulo, Brazil. “Dirty Land” is an experimental contemporary pop culture exhibition. Through mixed media posters, adult content and


Mr. Porter’s Guide to Buying Lingerie
When it comes to buying lingerie, men can be a little helpless.


Bubabu From A to Z
For those of you lucky enough to have kids, you have probably experienced many times the delight of a child’s open and receptive, inquisitive mind.  Danish childrens’ media expert Anders Morgenthaler, educational expert Helle Fisker, and production company Copenhagen Bombay created this whimsical school learning system for this tender time, called Bubabu, to influence your […]


Cityabyss Fashion Illustration
What do you guys think of this kind of fashion illustration?  Cityabyss (Polish illustrator Beata Szczecinska) sent us a sampling of her work, which has been featured in the Elle Decor UK, Muse Magazine, and others. 


Yoko Ono’s Animated Fashion Designs For John Lennon
You probably have heard about Yoko Ono’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony. For the backstory: on their wedding night, Ono presented John Lennon with


Elvira ‘t Hart Illustrative Wear
Elvira ‘t Hart is a recent fashion graduate whose latest collection aims to translate 2D sketches to 3D garments.