Pencil Works by Lisa Lapointe

Sydney based pencil artist Lisa Lapointe, draws upon spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology in her art.


Eve Vogelein : Vive la Emotion

Fascinated by the science of aesthetic perception, objects, and shapes, artist Eve Vogelein ceaselessly explores the visual intersection …


Portraiture With a Departure

Henrietta Harris is an Auckland-based artist and illustrator. She meticulously hand-draws detailed portraits, landscapes, and still life …


Mystics Masks by Jasper Goodall

We’ve been a longtime fan of British illustrator Jasper Goodall, his iconic work influenced so many image makers and graphic design…


60+ Travel Posters Through the Ages

Mid-century graphic design gave us such treasures as Saul Bass, the WPA, and science ads like we haven’t seen since.


The Parisianer is all About the Cover

What an awesome project! Fans of the New Yorker will really enjoy this tribute project. Not as intellectual of course since it is only ab…