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Delicate Digital Paintings by Ensee

Korean artist Mi-Kyung Choi, who goes by the nickname “Ensee,” creates digital paintings that blend pastel hues and the delicate touch usually accomplished with traditional materials.

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Jack Daly’s ‘Essential Living’ Illustrations

Created for a property developer in London, illustrator Jack Daly has created a lovely and compelling series that showcase “Essential Living” with a constrained color palette.


The Chic Illustrations of Jack Hughes

The graphic illustrations of Jack Hughes are refreshing and unique amidst many of the artists struggling to imitate fashion’s greatest illustrators.  In his use of two tone color and realistic rendering, Hughes…


Stark Illustrations By Amrita Marino

Indian illustrator, Amrita Marino, creates bold and graphic depiction of our society. Based in New York’s Brooklyn, the artist has worked in IT before deciding to pursue her creative career.