Bijou Karman’s Fashion Illustrations
I just stumbled over the work of Los Angeles based talented fashion illustrator Bijou Karman. Working for the likes of Comme des Garcon, Marc Jacobs or


Velwyn Yossy’s Fashion Illustrations
London-based fashion illustrator Velwyn Yossy contacted Trendland to introduce us her gorgeous illustrations.


Grace Lee Illustrations
You’d think that with the minimalist brushstrokes of Grace Lee‘s work, she would have already lived for a long time in Japan. In truth, the freelance illustrator hails from Sydney, Australia


Starving Artist Recipes by Sara Zin
Written by Mateus Andrade   The food photography trend is firmly established in cookbooks as of late (blogs and social media as well). As any success story, someone has to take the back seat; in this case gracious food illustrations.


Nina Warmerdam’s Imprints
Nina Warmerdam is a Dutch print designer based in Paris. Having worked for Maison Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan, Nike & Siv Støldal, she felt like she needed a creative outlet ...


Guillaume Kurkdjian’s Animated Vehicles
Guillaume Kurkdjian is an illustrator and animator from Nantes, France. A whiz at making gifs, he recently created a series of vehicle animations. Namely: a construction, utility, food and dump truck.


Tom Hancocks’ Fluid Art
New York based visual artist Tom Hancocks works in a clean, fluid style. Whether in the physical or digital world, he uses white backgrounds to highlight elements that fold, drape and pour.


Plexiglass Photo-Illustrations
Austrian couple Verena Michelitsch and Tobias Van Schneider set up a little photo studio in their New York apartment, where they’ve been making still life compositions out of plastics and foils culled from Chinatown. Art directors and graphic designers at separate companies, the two apply their photography


Ayaka Ito’s Multidisciplinary Portfolio
Born and raised in Japan, Ayaka Ito works at RoAndCo Studio in New York. Her recently launched personal portfolio shines with print and interactive projects of a certain luster.