Linda Linko’s Handmade Collages
Helsinki-based, independent designer Linda Linko aims to narrow the gap between illustration, design and art in her completely handmade works.


Illustrator Klas Fahlen for ICA Groceries
Swedish-based illustrator Klas Fahlen earned a Cannes Design Lion for his elegant illustrations for Scandinavian grocery company ICA back in 2011.


phantomlover’s illustrations
Phantomlover aka Marybeth Murcia is a talented young illustrator from Austin, Texas. Her style is


Frau Grau Colorful Shapes Illustrations
Young illustrator from Berlin, Frau Grau combines sketched geometrics with organic motifs and arranges them in simple yet effective and colorful compositions.


Fashion Horror
There’s about three times a year that incite horror: Spring Fashion Week, Fall Fashion Week and Halloween. Illustrator David Murray has merged the latter two into a


Straight From the African Jungle
Australian lifestyle brand Mozi has a beautifully illustrated collection of packaged soaps called “Out of Africa” which make wonderful gifts for the home for art and design lovers alike.


Daniel Frost’s Illustrations
London-based illustrator Daniel Frost creates whimsical and charming glimpses into his particular universe of strong colors and textures.


Mixed Media by Isabel Leal Bergstrand
Isabel Leal Bergstrand is a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer who just recently graduated from Beckmans College of Design.


Vogue’s Horoscope Illustrations
  With animals, history and defined characteristics all a part of its make up, the Zodiac is something alive with textured imagery.