Duy Anh Nhan Duc ‘Voyage Celeste’ Exhibition at Colette
«Voyage Céleste» (Celestial Travel) is a dreamlike creation around an elusive plant, the delicate dandelion. Mr Bibor sets his lair on the Colette rooftop. Duy Anh Nhan Duc was lucky to


An Ode to Florals
An ode to florals is a graduation project by Femke Hofhuis from the Academie Artemis in Amsterdam. The designer calls herself a color lover, print maker, trend seeker and textile addict – all which come across in these beautiful floral collages.


Just Grow It by Mr Plant
Nature is the key component for Paris-born artist Christophe Guinet, also known as “Mr. Plant”. As a teenager he was always very much in touch with nature, a fascination that he later combined with the urban street art inspired by skate and fashion.


Tofer Chin at Maderas Village
Tofer Chin’s stalagmite installations at Maderas Village, Nicaragua, are not only an original addition to their natural landscape but also mark the beginning of an initiative to explore artistic collaborations among artists and spaces at the boutique hotel.


RH Contemporary Art Presents Four Solo Exhibitions
The RH Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea,  presents four international solo exhibitions this week.