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Lina Iris Viktor Gold Self-Portrait Paintings

Gold inspires artist Lina Iris Viktor. “It is one of the softest, most malleable metals in existence, yet, in its purest form (24 karats) it is practically indestructible,” said artist the New…


Fate Troppo Belle Intriguing Collages

Milan based digital artist Alina Akhmatova also known as ‘Fate Troppo Belle’, has some gorgeous collages using mostly women


Emilia Lenci’s Gorgeous Fashion Collages

Italian graphic design artist Emilia Lenci creates beautiful mixed-media collages where she uses fashion runway images mixed with random, color coded backgrounds.


“Inappropration” by Sam Tufnell [New York]

Sam Tufnell’s much anticipated first major NY solo is now on. Tufnell, an SVA graduate, exploded on to the art scene a few years ago with his unique style of visually appealing…


Chevrier X Whatson ‘Junction’ at Nuart Gallery

One of the fastest rising stars on the contemporary pop art scene, Sandra Chevrier’s stellar rise to fame has been as surprising to her as it has obvious to more seasoned art…


Studio Bertjan Pot Gorgeous Masks

Bertjan Pot is a designer, notably known for having made the Random Light in 1999. His research is based on light as a starting point.