Anne Hardy’s Sets


Take a peek into the fantastic world of photographer and set designer, Anne Hardy…I cant think of many things more exciting than this. To have a studio in which you build out different environments as you imagine them and shoot them as your very own unique worlds. I could totally imagine saying, as a child, that when I grow up I wanna have a room just to create and build my own worlds, an ever-changing museum of interior and cerebral inspirations, a place where anything can exist as long as you can imagine it.  I would love to know  ore about her process and the timing it takes to create each new world.

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anne -hardy2007-as-yet-untitled

Anne Hardy's Sets

anne- 2007-Outpost

Ani Tzenkova

Bulgarian born, Los Angeles raised – Ani is the Mini Boss of TrendLand. Having worked as fashion designer, stylist, art director and producer, she fuses all her budding experience into TrendLand’s creative platform and tries to stay on top of Frenchies grammar as much as possible.