Anna Dello Russo’s Fashion Shower

Slightly kitschy, downright humorous, and still undeniably fashionable, Anna Dello Russo sings and dances in the full-length electro-pop music video Fashion Shower (a shorter peep show produced by DJ Emiliano Pepe was posted on her blog last May).


This time around, the Vogue Japan Editor-at-Large we all know and love is decked out in gold decadence, as she declares “you need a fashion shower” and toasts to the launch of her accessories capsule collection for retail giant H&M. Directed this time around by Alex Turney (with campaign images shot by Mert & Marcus), was previewed on the New York Times website before broadcast on H&M’s social media channels.

And no, the song is not for sale.

The Full-Length:


The Original:

(Accessories image by The Front Row View)

Katrina Tan

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