Andy Denzler’s Paintings

Written by Guest Blogger Margherita Visentini

The first impression of Andy Denzler’s paintings is a weird optical effect, like staring at a photo with something wrong.

What he created is the so called “disturbed screen effect”, a sort of stroke in the middle of the painting. Denzler past as photographer and graphic designer has lead him to this elegant balance between reality/figurative and abstraction: from the most traditional media, painting, he started a new and subversive path, destroying the traditional visual representation.

It seems that all his painted characters are struggling to move, to escape, to finish what they meant to do when captured on the canvas. All these freezing movements create a sentimental and melancholic world, where every single character – laying down, watching out the window, waiting for something – is ready to tell us his story.


Andy Denzler lives and works in his Zurich.

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Andy Denzler's Paintings
Ani Tzenkova

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