Andreas Xenoulis’ Tribute to Bauhaus

Written by Guest Blogger Margherita Visentini

Andreas Xenoulis has designed wonderful posters as a peculiar tribute to the Bauhaus: he’s created this work inspired by the typical principles of the “New Typography,” realized in geometric structure, simplicity of the forms and the original Bauhaus colors.

Bauhaus is the German artistic movement born in 1919 under the leadership of Walter Gropius, architect and intellectual.
Gropius tried to take measure and order in the chaos after-war, he thought Germany and above all artistic scene needed a leader, to guide everything to unity, of form and color. He tried to regenerate the German visual culture through the fusion of art and craft.

The influence of this artistic movement and all its mentors, like Moholy-Nagy, Albers, Klee and Kandinsky, was huge, till nowadays, where the Bauhaus style and the Bauhaus typography are still used for books, movie and event posters and album covers.

More info about Andreas Xenoulis’ posters here

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