Amélie Pichard F/W 2013 Collection

In this day and age of massive daily uploads of new designers, new collections and new product, it is rare that a designer gets my attention. The same ideas get regurgitated in different physical incarnations, some are nice, but really, it’s the same concept over and over again. When I saw new-ish designer Amélie Pichard’s recent shoe and bag collection (this is her 5th season), I actually felt I was seeing something different, something authentic and exciting.

In her bio, she describes her aesthetic as “Dreamy but realistic, masculine but terribly sophisticated, Amélie Pichard makes shoes in her image : timeless, quite surreal, glamorous but fitted to everyday life.” I quite agree with this, and would add that her interest in referencing the past with a “vintage” edged POV , marrying that with modern material and shapes, all boils down to a collection women can wear with ease, elegance and attitude. Birthed in an open minded downtown sensibility that curiously explores and even embraces certain uptown principles, this collection will attract attention, perhaps of a demur strain, from and for the extremely refined, for all those women who need not be defined by what they wear, but shine because of who they are.

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accessries Amelie Pichard designer FW13 shoe

Michele Llanos

free spirit gypsy with a background as fashion director, editor, stylist, jewelry designer, and showroom owner ; major travel junkie with a future trip to the cosmos on the bucket list. i'll probably be wearing Rick Owens

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