Alek Fin: Waiting Like A Wolf

Winter in a song. Alek Fin captures the panache of coldness with his new release, Waiting Like A Wolf. And all of the song’s ghostly layers reveal a huntsman that which listeners can’t escape. The mirage of vocals over simple acoustic and soft electronics are key sounds where Fin has clearly marked his territory.


With an emphasis on the emotional stream vs. a spelled out lyrical message,  the West coast alt-rock/electronic-fusion collaborative independently released their EP, Mull, this month just in time to harness the chill. Fully loaded with minimalist beats and monotone echoes, the four tracks (Mull, Rocks and Paper, Waiting Like A Wolf, Gone) simultaneously dial into Massive Attack and Bonobo but have no problem standing alone as clean, original compositions.


Collaborators Alek Fin (performed, recorded), Jason Sharp (mix) Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters (mastered), and B3PO (artwork) bring us what could very well be the soundtrack for the next Matrix. Futuristic, downtempo, and melodically organized Alek Fin introduces to the indie-synth scene a fresh wave of addictive beats.

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