Air Review: Low Wishes

Air Review


The Dallas-based quintet (Dragan Jakovljevic – Guitar, BGV’s, Percussion; Douglas Hale – Vocals, Keys, Guitar; Richard Carpenter – Keys, BGV’s, Guitar, Percussion; Jeff Taylor – Bass, BGV’s; Justin Robinson – Drums) flush out undeniable instrumentation, vocal harmony, and musical poetry with their fresh release (Jan 29). And with two big tracks already on the radar (America’s Son + Young), the remaining stand highly anticipated. Somewhere in the birdlike energy of flutes and banjos, the whimsical sounds still capture subtle remnants of Sufjan, and and and… particles of DeVotchka (jump on bike and ride around world anyone?). Pastoral rock or weightless folk-pop, they hold their own and we won’t let you miss these next gen indie gems as they roll out big this year.

Low Wishes┬áis a┬ánostalgic look at growing into adulthood and an affirmation of the belief that there is something more to life.” – Velvet Blue / Spune




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