Why should you advertise on Trendland.com?

Trendland is a leading publication amongst the Fashion/Design/Art Blogosphere.  We are habitually read by creatives, buyers, advertisers, designers and trend forecasters looking for information & inspiration about fashion, design, art and trends.  Trendland is a prominent resource to discover “What’s Hype and Cool” in the Industry…

Our SEO is on point!  Trendland.com ranks highly within search engines.   For example, searching  “Trend Blog” results in us as #1 in Google, Yahoo and #1 in Bing.com .  Or “Fashion Trend Blog” is #2 in Google.  More importantly,  most posts after 2 days time, show up on the first 3 search results in Google & Yahoo.

Visitors/Readers of TrendLand consist of arts, advertising and fashion industry as well as creatives and casual internet users seeking fashion/trend/design related information. Trendland.net has rapidly established itself within its niche, while steadily developing a strong audience and subscriber base.  We routinely receive links from prominent industry websites: Vogue.com, NY Times Blog, Huffington Post, Hypebeast, Gizmodo, Fast Company, Aol…

Some traffic and stats:
* 6.5 million pageviews per month.

*  Averaging 1,000,000 unique visitors per month.

*  Visitors from 94 countries ( 50% American / 30% European ).

*  College or higher education.

*  18-34 years old, nearly even mix of male/female

*  Newsletter 70K + subscribers, containing emails of some of the top publications, Advertising Agency, retail stores in the world.   Just to be on their radar for editorial coverage & inspirations.

 How to advertise on Trendland.com

If you’re interested in receiving a Media Kit containing an ad rate card with all available ad options and their corresponding prices, please click here to email us and we’ll send it to you as soon as possible.

Please indicate in your email, the URL of the website to be advertised.  All images/brands are subject to editorial approval.  We will take care of your creatives if needed


Here are more details on the advertising options currently available:



1. Top banner header (728×90)

This consist of 728×90 ad banner in the header of the blog. This banner is seen in every page view (HP+ROS), therefore this ad has the highest exposure to the readers.

2. Rectangle block (300×250) 3 on Homepage

This consist of 300×250 rectangle block which is displayed in the main homepage content. This block has an option to be shown only in the homepage or in all pages or both (HP+ROS)

3. Skyscraper 2 inside the posts (160×600)

This consists of 160 x 600 ad blocks which are displayed in the sidebar. An excellent way to promote your brand, the ads do not rotate and are easily visible to all visitors. There are only 2 spots available.



4. Newsletters : (728×90 )

Sent on a daily basis to more than 70k+ subscribers – Full Takeover or 3 placements available Top: 728×90 – in content: 2 160×160 – Footer: 468×60 or 728×90




We can create on demand Advertorials – You have a product, a website or pretty much anything you would like to promote.  We create and editorial post for you.  The benefit is, an editorial endorsement along with our valuable SEO Ranking.  An Advertorial can positively effect brand name search results, as it will be on the first page of Google in the next two days. The flat rate depends on how many words/keywords and images…




Need more info?

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